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  1. https://gyazo.com/1baf9667a097b71b0e258239ea6e6a25
  2. wow man this is fucking awful fuck you
  3. very nice voodo good job !
  4. void/plague moment... 0 bbnb fragged (bbnb on top)
  5. what meal did you have after releasing this video? just curious
  6. honestly i tried to switch to passenger but accidently turned my lights on then i realized it was a power play. bbnb#1 china#100 ez frags
  7. well done blake you sure told him !!!
  8. 1:25 did me dirty smh my head
  9. :fire::100:fire:
  10. Lets see here this nigga went from clipping 1 pieces with an ak and no combat stance let alone he trades in half of the clips to dropping 50 bombs and newporting me and my entire gang. yea ok man
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