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  1. I had my subscription bought for multiple months does this mean I lost my money?
  2. In-game name: Kevin Keychan Age: 17 Hours in Arma 3: 1125 Wealth[Money]: 3m Previous Gangs: Sore Rebels, Sputnik Gang Why we should accept you: Im pretty active, always in kavala and im chill with a lot of people there Member who can vouch for you : Red Baret and if you're in farmersville and would like to vouch for me like the post or react
  3. the man standing next to you is slump after that explosion
  4. Kevin Keychain


    Bid or Offer?
  5. In-game name - Kevin Keychan Age - 17 Timezone - EST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - https://gyazo.com/517b6269066cac1892188b3c73df3bd8 Bank Balance - 800K Previous Gangs (if any) - Sore Rebels APD/AFD Rank (if any) - Constable/EMT Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? - No
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S59RTWBij0Q
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