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  1. some may know him as three yacht tom but I know him as top frag tom
  2. cop frags because nobody wants to play with you because you are unliked. fk you
  3. niggas are so down they be cappin zaros instead of gang fortress smh
  4. This was extremely unfunny and a waste of my time.
  5. no combat stance killing 2 role players hang yourself (in minecraft) loser.
  6. Tallo


    This must be another tom because i dont see anything close to this shit when i play with him.
  7. well mr bherky i actually dont have grass and it is indeed a massive difference between the normal grass and no grass. So technically i am getting an advantage so i wouldnt necessarily say its retarded you clown.
  8. Honestly crazy to me how dogshit players have such an inflated ego but do you know what whatever man cool fraggy !
  9. I really enjoy watching every single kill you get on this game. #excitedfor54
  10. This could've had potential to be a like decent fraggy, but the music and the combat helmet & bergen fit is just not it bro. As well as the fov be lookin like 15 or sum, change that.
  11. would call you a demon but you are colored and I don't like colored people.
  12. bro you are so butthurt you have been replying to this post for over a week now get over it big dog lmfao
  13. dog you just flexed relevancy and time played on a military rp sim couldn't imagine being that down bad.
  14. you literally clip every kill you get hence why you have what 55 fraggys lmfao
  15. didn't expect this type of content to come out of an nsf member good fraggy !
  16. https://streamable.com/tphkyu
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