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  1. Damn yall aint recruiting are ya?
  2. Damn jarvo on the grind what gang yall with
  3. lucky bastards loll nobody i asked seemed to know what day he was banned big sad
  4. Lol you got lucky with this one man reflex getting banned has been good for you
  5. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: garage House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 60k Location (Town/DP#): panagia Asking Price: offers/1.5m Description: can be used for a buncha different shit you can see the flag from it also Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  6. Want to buy Sofia 3 crates pm me area or distance from dmv
  7. In Game Name:NE0N Age:17 Are you a member of the APD (rank):NO Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?:1 day for vdm Any previous Gangs:sinaloa cartel, ruckus sofia cartel
  8. taking bids and offers on a 1c in coke pro {290m from proccessing}
  9. Age:17 840hrs 13m very active 600 hrs in last 3 months alone Old gangs:Sinaloa cartel, Ruckus, Sofia cartel not sure who could vouch but if you ask some of the ruckus guys about me then they might say something
  10. Kinda interested in its value myself only useful thing over there is dark fungi
  11. seling a long 3c for 1.2m in dp15 it is listed
  12. Jamie1212

    DP21 3C

    Selling this dp21 3c looking for offers or it is listed for 1.2m on the market
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