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  1. We haven't gotten any updates all year...
  2. http://www.theodinproject.com/ The Odin Project helped me a ton with HTML/CSS/Javascript. Also, it's completely free!
  3. People could still look at the player list and see that your custom name isnt listed
  4. Vash

    I'm vegan

    You forgot to mention that you also practice crossfit Edit: This just appeared in my FB feed: "A vet that eats meat, is the same as a doctor who kills patients in his free times"
  5. Vash

    Change Log 7.4.0

    Some love for medics also third!!!!
  6. Congrats boys!! Still remember Constable Zoex and Kavala Warrior Tae'Jon
  7. Accepting donations:
  8. *Gets Pokemon Egg* *Walks from Kavala to Pyrgos to hatch the egg* *The egg hatches* *It's a Zubat*
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