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  1. Its already easy enough to kill yourself to avoid combat. This makes it even worse
  2. @ObiWokithe Send to Jail action is persistent in the vicinity of the HQ, regardless if youre looking at a player or not
  3. ah, the good old "it works on my machine". have you tried turning the server off and back on again?
  4. So, I went ahead and grouped the previous 3 update patch notes in the spoilers below. There's a total of roughly 113 bullet points representing features that were either added or fixed in the game. Out of those 113, 17 (highlighted in green) directly influence the cop faction. That means that only about 15% of the work that was delivered in the past few months by the devs is directed towards cops. You can have your opinion all you want, but stop bringing bullshit lies to the table in order to push your shitty agenda.
  5. You need to react faster, seems like a skill issue tbh
  6. Make it so that you could "pay rent a month in advance". If you know you're going to be out the next month, you could pay a fee (would need to be expensive) and avoid getting one of your houses taken away from you. This fee would be per house and increase depending on the number of houses you have.
  7. If you do one fed event, does that increase the security for the other ones or just the one in question?
  8. Cops dont have a spar and vest loadout in the first 2-3 hours. In fact, If i remember correctly, after 3 hours there were already people with full loadouts running around. How do you want cops to stand a chance if all they have is a protector and no vest?
  9. Default cop loadouts in the first day are a slash bandolier + a protector because of lack of talent points.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. I will be briefing other officers to not leave the HQs until the weekend is over so that you can run your drugs without hassle.
  11. The only decison that makes sense - test it out and see how the community reacts. Does this mean that it's going to last just for the weekend that you pick, or the exact duration of the event is yet to be determined?
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