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  1. Scotch is balanced because you have to go to the Distillery twice. Home growing weed needs to be nerfed. If you have a house near a drug dealer, you can do backpack runs back to back with pretty much no risk at all. It's high reward - low risk. Some suggestions for weed: Remove drying stage from drug dealer Players would have to dry their plants in Weed processing and then sell it at a drug dealer Reduce profit from selling buds If the above are not accepted, at least prohibit greenhouses that are close to a drug dealer (1km or so)
  2. I don't really have a strong opinion on spawn cooldowns inside HQs. I think that if the HQ is big enough, there should be no need to eliminate spawn cooldowns.
  3. I'd dare to say that the current Athira HQ IS the rats heaven. I would also oppose that it is meant to be one of the smaller HQs - Athira is slowly starting to reach Kavala levels of chaos
  4. Variation A looks pretty decent!
  5. From the top of my head: a small percentage of the total bounty is deducted from your bank account the moment you are sent to prison restrict the player from certain activities for x amount of time (example: unable to get a BH license up to 15 mins after being released, etc) Im sure that we could find other solutions to this other than increasing jail time Y'all need to stop basing all your arguments on the premise that all cops will robocop you if you get arrested. I'm sure that there will always be bad apples, but I honestly think this is a minority of cops that do that nowadays. I see way more cops issuing pardons for 100k+ bounties after a good RP encounter than giving civs full tickets after they took their time and effort to explain their charges.
  6. I agree with the problem, not the solution. I couldn't be asked to sit in jail for 30+ mins, let alone 4 hours.
  7. I don't think new players leave the server because of this and I also believe that implementing the change you suggest isn't really going to bring new players in. With that in mind, even though I believe in the premise that players should be "punished" for being caught, I don't agree that adding jail time is a proper solution. In my opinion, we could explore other types of punishments (monetary, maybe?) for players that go to jail. Imagine playing GTA5 but every time you die while with 5 stars, you have to wait 20 minutes before you can play again. That would be boring af
  8. Yeah man. Fuck people who play the cop faction. As if their opinion even matters here....
  9. IIRC, people hated weather/fog and so it was removed
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