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  1. ABOUT: NorFour is a long lasting Gang since 2016. We truly want to become the unbeatable and the best. We don't discourage or doubt any players skills. We only focus on Tactics / Communications / Non-Toxic. We also have a discord server that list all Tactics / Communications. We will further explain when you are in the Gang! Thank you! Requirements BELOW! REQUIREMENTS: At least 250-500+ Hours / At least 48+ Hours on any RP Server / Age 16+ / Have Headset (Microphone) / Non - Toxic! OWNER: Teairn \ Discord = Teairn#2964 CO OWNER: Ljttle \ Discord = ljttle#5020 MODERATORS: SteeleTrain \ Discord = SteeleTrain#8054 / Fire-Crotch \ Discord = RTB-Fire Crotch#8943 / Flames / Discord = Flameslinger#5307 IF YOU HAVE APPLIED, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DM ONE OF THESE MEMBERS ON DISCORD!. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE PM ANYONE ABOVE AS WELL! WE HOPE TO SEE SOME NEW FACES! TAKE CARE AND GOOD LUCK ON APPLICATIONS!
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