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  1. I’m surprised all the people complaining about ifrits on bank aren’t here complaining about drones. if this get implemented this is how guys will be in the forums if they loose 150k worth of drugs due to a drone
  2. Well i used to fight cartels a lot which is what lead me to want to buy it, but now it’s completely useless since i don’t do cartels as much anymore. either i sell it for more then i bought it or hold onto it HA Who’s bam Jenkins?
  3. What are some of the best ways to use a shed for money making? I’m curious to see how others have used their sheds if they’re willing to disclose that information. Just got a shed not to long ago which i was eager to buy for the longest. And now that i have it i have no idea wtf to do with it or how to use it besides to fight cartels as it’s close to the free fire zone
  4. Back Story: I saw a 50. Shooting at a heli near bank, as I drive up i noticed that man was naked (Aka Smurfy) now for some reason when i run into smurfy as a cop we end up running into the worst yet hilarious types of scenarios, And this is one of them. P.S the heli had a machine gunner that was spraying us down. (God dam Brazilians) if y’all ever faced the Brazilians on a humming bird I’ll tell you this much it’s the most annoying/irritating thing ever, these guys have the aiming of John wick https://medal.tv/games/arma-3/clips/ut1hACTms-bSn/d1337CKhqIhh?invite=cr-MSxGSm4sMjMxNDA5NDYs
  5. It was a dare that was place upon me by an admin to see how many hatchbacks i could fit in HQ
  6. Lol, but all emergency services are suppose to be unavailable Kavala is already a combat area, we gotta think bigger here
  7. Well your the number one pussy out of all pussies so therefore you’re the king of pussies sir, which can be taken as a compliment.
  8. Create an event on a random day through out the year where we all kill each other and try to cause as much havoc and chaos in the server Players are notified the day before The day of the purge a big text comes across the screen that says This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the U.S. Government. Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. Any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning until 7 a.m.
  9. House, Garage, Industrial Shed: HOUSE House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 3C FULLY UPGRADED WITH GREENHOUSE Location (Town/DP#): Kavala Asking Price: 3.5 MIL Willing To Negotiate Description: Its 96 meters from drug dealer with view from window to the dealer himself, fully upgraded with a green house. Also has a 12 defibs, 169 redgulls, 60+ IFAK and a bunch of other items Pictures/Video Walk-through: https://imgur.com/x96wk3E (VIEW TO DRUG DEALER) https://imgur.com/3LA7np1 (DISTANCE TO DRUG DEALER) https://imgur.com/zlBIDV7 (MAP OVERVIEW)
  10. This is typically how the forums are, instead of listening and respecting ones opinion or come up with counters that are respectful you get shut down very quickly lmao, sometimes you gotta stoop down to their level. I understand where you’re coming from fully, and it’s unlikely to be mega rich from doing bud but… for one the excuse that the server is dead of interactions is a lie because you can still go to illegal areas and catch people there. It’s not as often as it used to be i could imagine, but regardless the interactions are still there. Unfortunately with the current state of passive money making those interactions have dwindled Now we have to take into account that the server is 8 years old, those that want this change to happen are the day one players that have accumulated millions on the server so to them the fight in illegal areas is nothing but a brush on the shoulder with a hundred thousand other kits waiting for them if they end up dying or loosing those drugs To me this arguement of getting rid of weed seems very one sided towards the majority of day one players wanting it gone vs the newer player base wanting to keep it. Now I’ve been in this server since 2019 i was a kavala gang for a month and the only thing you could do there is green housing. So of course a kavala main would want people to rally behind him in efforts to making the devs lean more towards them in removing it entirely, kavala has nothing to offer at the current state of it. It’s a boring toxic city where players spend half the day doing random shit and talking about nothing, (which is why i wanted to introduce a new drug by the city in a forum post that i made) I now base in athira and with the amount of illegal areas around me the interaction base has been very active in those areas (Which takes about 2-4 mins to reach illegal area in a hatchback). So to me removing or keeping it really does nothing in terms of game play for me besides the fact that I’ll have more interactions in athiras illegal areas, my only house in kavala will be cheaper now and kavala as a whole will become a desolate desert (which partially is already). The pros vs cons Pros: • The majority of players will have to rely on illegal or legal areas to make money which now will include more robbing and shootings on sight but also the possibility of making more money then selling weed • This will cause gangs and other players to group up as the survivability will increase in doing so which will increase interactions within gangs and players as a whole • in terms can make real estate jump up in pricing as some houses will have the value raised (but this could also work as a double edge sword as other houses will go down in value) • You will now be able to patrol these illegal areas and make a ton of money if you end up surviving the fight Cons: • Newer players will feel to over whelmed by this change and will most likely make them leave the server as a whole • Solo players will suffer the most which will make it harder to make more money • Not only do you have to worry about civs robbing you but also the APD as they will be patrolling these areas or scouting for players to drive into and illegal area. • The toxicity rate will increase within the server causing more people to become assholes within the game which may deteriorate players from logging in as a whole now obviously theirs probably some more pros and cons that i didn’t mention. IMO I think removing the green houses will have a refreshing feel to the server and may bring back the joy that some of these day one players have been desperately craving for.
  11. The game has more to offer then just green housing, if players leave just because they can’t make money “passively” then that’s pretty lame. To me that sounds like someone that’s not confrontational or to lazy to grind out to make money. by removing the greenhouse it’ll be more effective with increasing interactions within players. If it’s to much for you to grind out drugs in illegal areas then join a gang, or make friends and make a group. An alternative is to do legal stuff, or drug runner for “low risk”
  12. Wow that’s such a great idea
  13. Yeah that wouldn’t be a bad idea either
  14. It’s okay bro I’ll be your punching bag whenever you need it, let it all out all those child hood traumas and negativity. Your still my friend bro i got your back
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