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  1. The Fallen About us: We are a tag group of mercenaries for hire, my goal is to make RP the best it can be for anyone’s experience and creating a cohesive environment for others to have fun and make it worth while at the same time. We come from a history of Dayz RP and feel like a transaction to the RP life would make it an even better experience. (WE ARE NOT A TACTICAL GROUP) • VIP Escorts • Bounties • Diplomatic Duties • Guard • Gang Wars • HVT ( You will be compensated for completion of missions, pay can be anywhere from 25k-75k per team that accepts the mission) History: Our soldiers are top of the line special forces operators that have been through the ups and downs of nations through either warfare or diplomatic issues. We have been scraped, beaten, and left behind, to those that have fallen behind enemy lines or in battle we remember them by our name “The Fallen” Requirements: Arma Hours: 100 Server gameplay: 48 Hours Age: 17+ Mature Intro Trailer: https://vimeo.com/636402104 Discord Link : https://discord.gg/tCsJ9GqU If interested please DM
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