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  1. And there goes another year ...
  2. You can get them if you have the advanced flight model enabled in the clothing store
  3. 1. Civs can pilot medic helis, its bugged, who would have thought ... ? (to make sure I just tested it on 7.1.0) 2. Also, a player who plays only medic can never ever afford 30k helis. Even if he is careful with it. For 1 heli you would have to revive 38 people - which aside from 45$ per 5 minutes is the only income medics have. You would never do that many going by heli in the first place. In addition to that, you also have to refuel the heli now and then. This means that you force medics to make the money first in Kavala or play civ/cop. Thats just contradictory.
  4. Pulling out unconscious players from (un)locked vehicles doesn't work for medics. @bamf @Paratus
  5. Now that rebels are satisfied, can we get a medic patch ... ?
  6. Its broke on all servers since 6.8.0
  7. Medic patch please. Or at least bug fixes.
  8. Will we see a medic patch in 2016? Because there were not many in 2015 ...
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