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  1. symfuhnys is a beast tho, surprising considering he came from Olympus
  2. Thats true, i only find 5s fun when i have a full group apart from that its aids, i really wish they would make a ranked duos, i find that super fun, oh and fix hit reg that shit has made me rage so much.
  3. im honestly not worried about ranks on that game, its way to broken to get competitive, its a fun game with friends tho.
  4. his excuse was "i heard shooting beside me, Just reactions i guess."
  5. I seen everyone has been posting h1 montages so i thought id make one too. i dunno why when i rendered it the last clip ended short, but i really cant be bothered to go back and re-render it. Enjoy.
  6. you are 10000% retarded to think this is a DPI glitch
  7. How dare you ever call anyone Trash, you fucking bot. @1:55
  8. i thought this was gonna be a dope video, but instead its a montage of you killing fresh spawns. feelsbaitedman
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