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  1. Grats @Rafael & o7 @Codie Alterman
  2. Yooo, british people having sex like.. mmmm yes, splendid. Ah, indeed. Wow, scrumptious. I'm arriving. 

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    2. Samperino


      Family Guy reference?

    3. Rosie


      Saw a meme and it made me laugh @sam 

    4. maxg


      this is definitely @thor

  3. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow titties n beeers
  4. please save the turtles

  5. Drama Llama 

  6. might as well thread it too
  7. mine is 500. i'm always scared to do missions on my own lol. i never failed a mission thankfully lol.. but the anxiety is up there lol.
  8. at least im not a weeb. xd yes pls
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