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  1. bro clearly havent seen my montages i am way better then this kid
  2. imagine arma in 2021 omg
  3. Aslan


    imagine not playing arma and being on the forums smh chau
  4. unknown down bad let me tell you
  5. Currently TPs best player not gonna lie you have come a long way m8 keep it up
  6. I like your confidence not gonna lie but u ugly bitch
  7. have you ever looked at the mirror your confidence is off the roof and u look so ugly
  8. Let the man do what ever he wants to do you make tiktok with emo shit do we bully you no
  9. success 100% hes in ur head
  10. Aslan

    Gang Wars

    the winner of the Gang wars gets ur tractor
  11. This shit is trash you should go to goyney london school he wil teach you how to make skins
  12. if the server wipes you would get big turf fights
  13. First off all i am not a racist in anyway and this is just a game if u fellings where hurt by a single Word “ chink “ i am sry i dident mean to hurt ur fellings
  14. We dont abuse or eat dogs in the countrys we are from we wouldent know
  15. My Asylum - House – Google Chrome (gyazo.com) LMAO your kd is 0.6
  16. you made ur point now stop spaming on our page fgt
  17. your so retarded before they wipe gang banks they can split the money to people idiot
  18. Sry but why is it allways these retards geting captian
  19. Wow @Mitch (IFRIT) i have talked this with alot of people and the idea about this is awesome imagine how fun it would be doing runs again for a reason imagine how much fun it would be playing on the main server if this happens it wil be fun wil bring alot of gangs to asylum i think
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