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  1. Like Junke said, we have pushed for literally anything related to SRT and nothing will come of it. SRT is not worth SA/Dev/Captain's hassle to accommodate for 20'ish people.
  2. In-game Name: King Discord Name: Derek#3275 Bank Account: $23,607,578 Previous Gangs: Plague, Crimson, CEO of fed Why do you want to join swim? Need a team to do coke and meth with Hours Played (!stats): 4.8k
  3. mk200 montage kill yourself
  4. You should go onto another post and make the same joke again dude surely people will laugh
  5. King

    SRT Faction

  6. King

    SRT Faction

    not happening
  7. Pretty sure this is already a thing no? Supposed to be anyways
  8. the music alone should be bannable
  9. No it would be pretty bad just drive to chop shop
  10. i made the post when i was half asleep and the storage on myasylum showed 5 when i checked
  11. Taking offers, need gone by the end of the month. Has a bunch of crafting materials needed for explosives. 5x Zafirs with mags 5x RPG's with rockets 1x Sui vest Bunch of random guns
  12. selling uranium shed hmu with offers(no lowballing i know my prices)
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