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  1. @Samperino @Gen. Henry Arnold @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood do you condone dis or do you disprove
  2. Admins arent afraid of landing there chopper in pyrgos unarmed because they can just admin jail you and then tell you to piss off. are they gonna delete this forum post to who knows
  3. why is it when i do an air delivery mission i only get 3k and i have to fly 6 mins for it can we do something about this
  4. they already wasted time scripting it in and you ungrateful fucks never use it so let us "Good Guys" use it
  5. I have been bounty hunting for a while and i have the disarming perk and every time i do it to a rebel they never have a zubar. so in conclusion if rebels arent going to use the zubar let bounty hunters
  6. is there a way that you can get apex predator and master crusader at the same time if you can tell my ass
  7. if games die and servers die why is olympussie do so much better than this server
  8. I think you should put a limit to how many people are in a gang to like 5 please like comment share and subscribe if you think this should be true or not https://gyazo.com/23869d9edda1f90143a81450a13d4086 https://gyazo.com/e47b6d558b1afcb24171c9aee93fc6c9
  9. you make jokes about it, so fix it then
  10. i feel like asylum as a whole is just slowly fading away because of these massive server issues i suggest somthing be done to them and stop the hackers. and on top of all this fix the servers
  11. how come all the servers keep dysncing so bad is there no way to fix it?
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