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  1. We decided to put the impound option at A-EMT because we feel like it would be abused to much if we went any lower.
  2. I like the idea of them rotating again or adding more drugs.
  3. I would suggest buying a van. They hold just as much as the box trucks and you can pull it from the garage.
  4. Best guess is that so many people are joining after the server gets hit off that it is trying to catch up and gets overloaded
  5. I believe it is due to the server being ddosed, so it is probably due to the ddos protection the server has. I don't think it will give you problems after while
  6. I agree you should just leave kavala and spawn somewhere else, and the admins are on top of things, but if you are getting rdmed and not reporting it then I don’t know what to tell you. Record and report.
  7. @Azeh I believe all horns are client side because I can hear the different horns
  8. Did they wipe your profile views? Been posting a lot of stuff lately just to get views? Lol
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