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  1. Best guess is that so many people are joining after the server gets hit off that it is trying to catch up and gets overloaded
  2. I believe it is due to the server being ddosed, so it is probably due to the ddos protection the server has. I don't think it will give you problems after while
  3. I agree you should just leave kavala and spawn somewhere else, and the admins are on top of things, but if you are getting rdmed and not reporting it then I don’t know what to tell you. Record and report.
  4. @Azeh I believe all horns are client side because I can hear the different horns
  5. Did they wipe your profile views? Been posting a lot of stuff lately just to get views? Lol
  6. Who are you? Haven’t seen you in months
  7. So I have been doing banks lately with some groups and once the vault opens sometimes we get the money and sometimes the cops seize the money before we can get to the vault. I think it should be changed, so that the money goes into a cop car so the rebels still have a chance to get the money. Just would like to hear everyone's thoughts.
  8. Doing illegal drugs isn’t supposed to be easy. There is a risk with doing illegal activities, in which, cops could catch you and take everything or a rebel. I personally have a 10k load out and it adds up quick. Like Patato said you can pick your fights
  9. Medics can not be red for a civilian, because we have nothing to trigger the aggression system. I'm sorry you have been kidnapped, but that is just part of the game. I would highly recommend just leaving kavala for awhile and letting things calm down. Once you have waited awhile I don't think they will bother you. Also just talking to all the civilians in kavala can go a long way in them not shooting you.
  10. No one was harmed in the making of this filim
  11. Listen to those voice cracks lol
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