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  1. Been talking to a few people and we wonder if there is anyway there could be something done with the excess honor we have. I’m up for all suggestions.
  2. I figured the guy was cheating for the longest time. He had the weirdest movements. Karmas a bitch lol
  3. Definitely need more hunter skins
  4. Alrighty. Just thought I would throw it out there. Hopefully someone posts one
  5. I don’t have a house in abdera but I do have a 3 crate just south of wongs triad when the cartel is up north. I think it’s 1.9km away for distillery
  6. I can say from fighting against this thing for a couple fights it’s gonna be fun! It is a transport vehicle for the most part and gets the cops to the bank and it creates for some fun CQC
  7. I mean this is kinda off topic but they don’t teach you to protect your glass in swat training. If they teach officers at each event they will have a better chance at getting close to succeeding
  8. In my opinion I think the hunter and strider are fine for swat. I don't think most officers know how to push with armor.
  9. I can’t get to my computer right now so it might be tomorrow sometime
  10. I don’t have houses in Abdera but I have the long house and one crate just down the hill south of wongs triad. I think it’s only 1.9k
  11. Why you bidding on stuff you can’t afford
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