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  1. I don’t know if it is an exploit but I see people jump in passenger on my medic vehicles and then switch into driver and it works for them
  2. We can keep going back and forth, but in reality nothing will change if you don’t record and report. Chow is trying to tell you that if you don’t report them nothing is going to happen. You can get as defensive as you would like, but that is how it is and how it’s always been. Record and Report.
  3. Doesn’t matter what the cop vs civ ratio is at a fed when the hemmits go boom!
  4. It was your fed and you can’t call me a retard when you can’t even defend your hemmits. Stop being a little bitch about it.
  5. It’s about triggering the cops and having fun It’s about pissing the cops off and entertaining ourselves in the process
  6. Anything for my Drunk Squad brothers!!
  7. They should move the one by dp14 back by dp11 because it was the most used, and for some reason moved. Why not move the kavala one since it’s useless. It was used the most
  8. I think he wants it so we can impound our medic vehicles. If they wanted to they could put a policy in place to keep the afd from impounding civilian cars
  9. ^ you deserve the fountain of youth
  10. Alright alright, we will make Henry pay for it
  11. Fuck that! Drunk squad will own it and we will make Clint pay for it
  12. They are trying take out a couple of people till everything is under control. It doesn’t matter if you get a bunch of people restrained. One person can wipe out a ton of cops. 2 of us mowed down like 5 or 6 cops that had our boys in restraints and we got away. Plus you guys have to respawn; whereas, rebels have a good chance to get revives off once cops are wiped, so you can lose ground really quick
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