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  1. Last time I saw you on the server you were trying to cap a cartel and then got put on the respawn screen
  2. Yeah I didn't see the replis. To early to be awake
  3. 1. To my knowledge metal sheets cannot be sold and are basically useless. 2. To do medical cannabis you need rapping paper you can get from the medical dispensary. 3. Are you talking about the different menus at skiptracer? If so, skiptracer has better weapons like rifles, then the normal bounty hunter shop, which has like pistols. Hope this answers your questions!
  4. Is the golden wax sellable or only for bongs and shit
  5. Ryan is build different! Good job bud!
  6. If you need to report someone you will need to fill out a support request and then have the video of what rule was broken
  7. The only way you will be able to see more channels and people in them is if you are a cop or medic. They changed permissions on people who don’t have a tag so they can’t send a message because of issues in the past. If you have anymore questions about the server feel free to join the general support channel.
  8. That doesn’t sound to bad. It sounds fairly balanced.
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