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  1. Miss just chillin in kavala watching the chaos while having pcp
  2. No I had jumped out as soon as he got shot out. I was hitting the hot key to detonate like crazy
  3. No one uses free load outs though. Most people use mxs not spars
  4. I don’t play cop as much anymore, but for corporal+ we spend like 10-15k per loadout depending on the load out. If you get sent to jail then you only lose your weapon and you keep your uniform and your carrier lite or csats. Plus if you role play then you get a pretty decent reduction on your ticket
  5. you took one for the team even though i didn't know you were there
  6. Lately all the cops have been at federal events, so you should have plenty of time to do drugs, otherwise you are doing something wrong
  7. It only takes 25-30min to fill my own hemmit full
  8. Damn what a true gamer! Using those iron sights
  9. I think it will improve RP quite a bit. Sometimes I sit in kavala and sit there talking and having good laughs with civs
  10. Sometimes medics blow off some steam and will think it is RDM, but let it go afterwards because they know they are in a active fire fight. Medics won’t revive someone that is about to get shot again and will wait till it’s clear of the person that killed them. We are going to revive after they leave because that is our job to provide medical aid. Medics are allowed to revive in combat and they are supposed to keep things balanced. For example, if one medic is helping one gang, then the other one will be helping the other side
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