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  1. Based off the wording that's what it looks like. rip
  2. Why not add the APD token to this as well? Similar to how the oil rig works but at the national HQ?
  3. also keep it daytime only thx
  4. I can't follow that command since I can't put my hands up in the car. See you next week kiddo!
  5. Leaving this here for the convo incase we start talking about getting out of cop restraints.
  6. You're my number one Bush Tiger. Does that make you feel better?
  7. Oh boy did I miss the mark.
  8. I'm more curious about how many applications were sent in tbh. But I'll guess we'll see sooner or later;)
  9. fr feels like q19 has it out for poor @Alex.
  10. It should just be an Utes only server rather than voting maps.
  11. Honestly just bring back old SWAT in general. That's just me tho
  12. KrazyKnight

    Rebel Camping

    Isn't there a gang fort or gang boat that can track how many people are in the zone? Go own one of those, ez fix.
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