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  1. Yep. Same one that took out Durga all those years ago while I was on cop.
  2. In game name:KrazyKnight Age:24 Location/Timezone:USA EST Arma 3 hours(screenshot):https://i.gyazo.com/0de515df56c032edfbdfe94d5ba4f183.png Asylum hours: Same amount of time, if not less. I've only play KOTH and asylum. Hell made my start in asylum. Previous gangs:Black Spades,Uninvited,Independent Slayers Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: I love me some dildo rock. And yes. Why do you want to join us?:For the memes and for the lolz. And be in a good well known gang. What can you bring to the FSA?:More memes, and some good CQC combat. I suck at long rang, sorry bois. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:? @Alec-I
  3. it's 2022 i guess im gay
  4. KrazyKnight

    Self lockpick

    Valid point here. That's why I was mentioning The fact that you'd only get the one chance and it would be extremely hard for them to get out due to this fact. End of the day this would negatively affect APD but at the very least it would make it more dynamic for the rebel side. Even with that extremely slim chance. This and go either way personally for me since I main cop these days anyhow.
  5. KrazyKnight

    Self lockpick

    This is my suggestion too when this was brought up in general chat. Make it so it's only one shot chance and have a really low percentage on release. It's the officers responsibility to make sure that they're seizing all illegal items before processing anyhow. Or hell right after combat. But the main requirement should be at least one lock pick on your inventory already.
  6. KrazyKnight


    Down with the government! Taxes are too damn high!
  7. Is it too late to join???
  8. Just for you, I'll pull out all my hunters when I hop on cop.
  9. No one really used that feature and it was suggested at one point to give a bonus reward if the officer responded. End of the day, it was mainly used to AFK on cop so you could get your hours, seen it happen when I was an LT multiple times and it became a problem.
  10. But that makes sense. Can't have that. Nerf the APD!
  11. I think with a subtext to this, is that the ones that are currently up for sale are currently way too high for a new player to buy into as well. Honestly for some from what I'm reading is hoping that the inactivity will kick in so the house can go to market value and buy it for less. That's another problem to look at.
  12. You know shit's fucked if DH is down on members man.
  13. If you're a pure Athira rat of course. Only they can have those houses!
  14. They sorta did. It's just the justice boat now.
  15. Only the one that your directly fucked with. Usually how you probably catch that.
  16. KrazyKnight

    Gang Base V2

    Gang fort as is, no. You can save money with the 15% benefits for owning it, making your rebel kits cheaper and faster response to events/cartels at the moment.
  17. I'ma bout to get into some serious shit
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