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  1. Application (Copy and Paste) 1. In-game alias?: Turtle™2. Location (country or state) & Age : Currently in Chicago, Illinois|143. How long have you played on the Asylum Servers?(Hours): I'd say over 600 hours.4. Any previous gang affiliation? What gang(s)?: None at the moment, not really into gang's I don't really affiliate with.6. Have you ever been banned from The Asylum? (Explain.): Yes, twice for duping, once for a racial slur, and one time for combat log.7. How often do you play? (hours per day): every time I get the chance to, like 4-6 hours.8. Tell us something about you. What
  2. Posted December 17, 2015 · Report post In Game Name: Turtle Age: 14 Location: Asylum Life Server 1, 2, 3, 4 Length of time playing Arma/Altis Life in hours (steam screenshot): https://gyazo.com/4252582c8b031547b80ddf32ebc0350a Server previously played on (if any): Last played on Server 1 if I remember Amount of time on the Aslyum servers: 500-600 hours Have you been banned before? (If so give the reason why): 3 times because twice of duping and once for a racial slur. On a scale of 1-10 how good are you
  3. In-game name: Turtle Age: 14 NA/EU?: NA Arma 3 hours (must include screen shot): https://gyazo.com/4fb321ce29053d6cfa5f57eeb8e0f4bb Any members that could vouch for you: Not at the moment Previous gangs:The Anarchists, Turtle Banditos, Anonymous Why do you want to join Twisted?: I'm looking for a bunch of people to play with and have fun with.
  4. In-game name - Turtle Age - 14 Timezone - Central Previous gangs (if any)- The Anarchists, Anonymous APD rank (if any) - none Any reason(s) you've taken interest in joining Imperium - I'm trying to find a good group to play with for now, I might not be the person of interest out there but I am something, I recently broke my collar bone so watch for spelling mistakes. I try to find groups that tend to rob the fed or bank or even players, I think this would go out good for everyone cause I know and easy way to make a small amount of cash (Which you probably know as well
  5. Application Format: Arma3 Hours? Asylum Hours? Screen Shot. https://gyazo.com/54147425a19dc86c3a13a6b03a2688b2 Age?(acceptions can be made) 14 on October 7th Timezone? Central How active?(again not to strict) Active when i'm not doing football or school. Previous Gangs? Ev, and some others I don't remember. Previous Names? Turtle Knowledge of cartels and call outs? Call outs, not so much, Cartels, pretty well. Sufficient Funds / Vehicles? Not that rich considering my recent ban. I have a few vehicles.
  6. Clan Requirements for Anarchist Soldier Maturity level required *Not Afraid to get a Large Bounty* If you are interested please PM or Post on the forums Application How old are you: 14 but we can work thing's out. Are you patient: Of course. Bounty Hunter or Rebel: Rebel, but bounty hunter for easy money, I switch in between. Driving Skills 1-10: 7 Flying Skills 1-10: 5 Marksman Skills 1-10: 8 Role Playing Skills 1-10: 10 Mercenary or Soldier: Mercenary
  7. 1. What do they call you around here sonny? (in game name) Turtle 2. You got a babyface kid, how old are you? (age) 14 if that's acceptable boss. 3. How long have you been on the Island? (gameplay hours) 770 hours 4. What neighborhood are you from? (timezone) Central 5. What sorry ass Mutha Fuckas were you runnin with before? (previous gangs) Epsilon, Evolve, Anonymous 6. Hows your stash doin? (Bank $$$ & Donor Level) 100K, not a donor. 7. What sort of Mob Style experience do you have? (Drug running, Fighting at Cartels, Pris
  8. In-Game Name: Turtle Age: 14 if acceptable Bank Balance: 100K Steam profile(Your can pm me this if you don't want it public) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198164572540/ Do you have a mic and Discord? Yes sir I do. Do you know any members of our gang? No sir. Anything else?: I've been playing Asylum for 1-2 years, and i'm good at CQC.
  9. Good to know sir. Glad to be working in this gang with you. Also, is their some sort of Discord or TeamSpeak link?
  10. Age: 14 I know it's a bit young but I can be as mature as I possibly can. In-Game-Name: Turtle Hours:764+ Previous Gangs: Epsilon, Evolve, Anonymous What can you bring to our gang? Money (Not a lot) skill, CQC experience,. Are you affiliated with any members of our gang? No sir. Extra Information you would like to include (optional). I've been playing Asylum for over 2 years.
  11. In game name: Turtle Wealth [Money] : 100K Trying to rise Current/ Past gangs: Evolve, Epsilon, Anonymous Age [Must be mature]: 14 if you can accept that Why do you want to join our gang: I mean, theirs no other gang to join without getting declined, I also want to help capture cartels and rob Banks and or Federal reserve. What do you bring to the gang? Whatever you want me to brink, skill, money, ect Do you know any members of our gang? No sir, but willing to getting to know them.
  12. How long till I can make another application.
  13. I tried one of your members said i'd be able to join, waste of my time.
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