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  1. Bamboo Union's Weapons of choice for now on
  2. Its late bud, call it what it is.
  3. Demonbaby the best cop ever! Still trying to get off cadet week!
  4. Post Event was great! Thanks for coming, see you next time.
  5. Mi Hung Lo

    S3 Gov event!

    Welcome Sever 3 civs! I am the new gov on S3. I want to make s3 great again! So I will be running for gov event every time, I can on it. I plan to do events for the people of s3 with the gov money. So on 1/16/19 ill hold my second event as gov. It will be at 9:00 pm est. Hope to see you guys there and look to take a few pics in tomorrow event!
  6. How about they add tow trucks? Add another faction to tow cars away.
  7. 爱我很久!快来加入Big Baller Brand s3吧
  8. I agree when you get on cop your IQ goes down pretty low.
  9. Thx, all are great achievements. One day I might complete the bucket list just need to be unban -.-
  10. Have a good life Larry.
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