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  1. Name: Mr.Cub Time Zone: Est Age:18 Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): 1681 https://gyazo.com/44b828d6cd0809a8fa50241333520c38 Asylum Hours (Estimate): 700+ Money(Screenshot) And Ifrits / Helicopters Possessed: 2 mil money cap / currently 800k https://gyazo.com/cbf3fd288a094952f25ae77a5f578016 . I have 2 Orcas, 1 Hummingbird, and I had a Ifrit. Previous Gang Affiliations: Nothing Good Who can Vouch for you?: Sliick
  2. | Requirements | Knowledge of each cartel location Can listen to orders and can use tactical communications 750+ Hours on ARMA3 Have 500k+ on the servers Follow the server rules | Applications | In game name: Age: Location/Time zone? Do you have a Mic and access to Discord? How much in game money do you have? What are your previous gangs? How many hours have you played on Arma 3 / Asylum (screenshot)? Why do you want to join Kingsmen? Anyone in the gang that can vouch for you?
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