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  1. Good thing I post the montage because I like making them, not to impress anybody else on the server. Thanks for the feedback though
  2. ? it was the pilot lol, gotta make do with what clips you can get when gang life is dead
  3. Havent seen you at a cartel in ages so whats your point
  4. Gang life is already dead on the server, this will kill it two times over, how are the gangs supposed to do a fed or bank or anything cop related if its 25 cops with unlimited lives vs 8 civs with 1 life and 20 rnd mag? Only one logical vote here
  5. -1 , buys spar 17 loadouts only and bh's kavala
  6. that would be fine with me too, anywhere near pyrgos would satisfy this condition
  7. Good morning fellow gamers, I was just thinking about this simple quality of life issue, when you get out of jail most people who are experienced with the game need to get back to Therisa or some other area on the western part of the map to re-gear and get back in the fight. The current most efficient way to do this is to just Suicide and respawn in therisa. If a air garage was added civs would waste less money going to jail by avoiding the suicide. It would help gangs that fight cartels out a lot and I personally dont see a downside.
  8. Accepted for trial Will pm you the teamspeak
  9. thanks mate, can apply if u wish, appreciate the kind words
  10. Accepted welcome to RCN , messaging Teamspeak
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