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1 hour ago, Mr. Carrot said:

using Premiere Pro to edit videos


14 minutes ago, Dillon said:

I use premier pro to edit as well

premier is for sure the best editing software. there is a reason its the industry standard. One tip I would give you guys is to learn the hotkeys for the tools. It will make editing a lot faster.

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9 hours ago, Dillon said:

I use premier pro to edit as well do you like it so far? I’m pretty new to it to.

I was using the free trial for this, and i had so much fun learning the controls and things I could do to edit that I’m probably gonna pay for the subscription 



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43 minutes ago, DS |MysticLion said:

Why am I always being recorded using bombs/throwing grenades / or organizing  terrorist activity's  

Cause you're a troll

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