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  1. Homie has the arma shakes.
  2. This has been a topic brought up multiple times. kicking the Chinese off the server wouldn't be good because they are a decent chunk of the player base at this point. In the past they were also the biggest donators to the server (don't know if this is the case anymore). Sure them being laggy is annoying af but with the state of altis life as a game mode being dead there has to be some sort of resolution that can be settled on. (as unlikely as that is)
  3. #1 Canadian arma player #CanadianSoftwareSolutionsOnTop.
  4. I put this together in about 2 hrs and I'm pretty pleased with the results. This is an "edit" of arma's main campaign which I recreated in the editor. unless you've played the campaign you are probably going to have little idea of the locations shown in the video and what not. enjoy πŸ™‚
  5. This will show you what I am talking about. A lvl 3 rig which is already on the server and the Viper Uniform side by side taking the same TTK.
  6. I understand it's more armored but it is the same armor value as a lvl 3 chest rig meaning it is the same value of armor that already exists on the server. it isn't some huge buff that you think it is. The TTK is literally the exact same. Unless you are shooting only for someone's limbs no one wearing the uniform is going to be tanking. Even then it only takes 3 mk shots to the legs to kill someone with the suit on.
  7. Cops have access to lvl 2 crew helmets for swat when civs can only get a lvl 1 helmet ;).
  8. The uniform is lvl 3 meaning the chest and arms and legs are all lvl 3. The chest region is the same as wearing a lvl 3 rig and the arms and legs are the only thing that gets an upgrade. With all the unique clothing items Cops and medics get i'd feel it would be interesting rebels get something unique to them aswell. The uniform is also on dom.
  9. Any particular reason why?
  10. Protocol

    Viper Uniform?

    https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Special_Purpose_Suit It's the same as granite's / CSAT's in which it provides full body protection except it's lvl 3 armor. You still die to 2 chest shots from an MK as the chest is only lvl 3 armor. Stacking a level 1 vest on top of CSAT's / Granite's is what allows you to tank 2 mk shots as the total armor on your chest is level 3 due to the Uniform being lvl 2 and the lvl 1 rig you wear obviously = 3. the only "better" parts of the uniform are the limbs which are level 3 protection instead of 2 as with normal CSAT's / Granites.
  11. niche gun go brrrrrrrr
  12. cop cars are 100% harder to lockpick. I think you can purchase an upgrade on vehicles to make them harder to lockpick but I haven't checked myself so not 100% sure. That said it should not take me 13 out of 15 of my lockpicks to open a car, that's rather absurd imo.
  14. Better than operator Johnson
  15. looks like you clipped these kills with an android camera.
  16. Protocol

    AT Offroad??

    I suppose but it isn’t much of an upgrade.
  17. Protocol

    AT Offroad??

    Same as the RPG except on wheels. The HE rounds I believe can be scripted out. Make it so that it drops in the vehicle air drops ad cannot be bought. https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Offroad#Offroad_(AT)
  18. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T167324 Added by bohemia in their most recent SPOTREP #00109. Straight from Bohemia's feedback studio. I DEMAND THIS NEW PIECE OF CONTENT NOW!!!!
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