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  1. Found it by chance, scrolling through servers. Joined Olympus first thought it was bad then joined here. The roleplay and fighting cops, thats pretty good I guess. i dont know why i still play
  2. Maybe for the hatchbacks (gold specifically), don't texture the tires, only the rims
  3. But you can buy a crate that has pilot covs in it, same thing
  4. How it it against regulations? They aren't making you pay in-game money to get something that donators are guaranteed to get for 10 dollars, they would be making cosmetics a base price instead of chance
  5. Also there's a chance when you take them off they just disappear, and when you die and get revived with them on they disappear. @Gen. Henry Arnold @Azeh
  6. Happy New Year gamers

  7. Don't talk to Russell like that you little shitter
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