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  1. I wasn't around in Tanoa but i wish i was
  2. You can find treasure from excavating, and mining i heard
  3. i only agree with your point of the APD lacking in the common sense department, but at the same time you have to look at yourself when you're still keeping a conversation going with basically yourself since Chow doesn't give a fuck lmao
  4. i applied the same day, i feel you
  5. what would be cool is an option to buy shit into your backpack if you're trying to stock your house or up with shit
  6. big brother is watching you "bounty boost"
  7. @Boon is a big dummy head

  8. IGN: Kasim Tariq Hours in Game (Screenshot): 1 IQ: -69 Age: 22 Why do you want to join this gang? because i like the respawn screen Former gangs: R | Body Count(IRL): 5 Money: 1 rupee
  9. you get a 5 star rating from me on any comp requests
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