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  1. Accepted for Interview. Will PM TS Info
  2. you spelled it right in the title wth
  3. i made it 3 letters, rat didn't work
  4. No custom license plates working
  5. This is Wes hes already in
  6. https://gyazo.com/119425d61bc89698a58a3cff658e8c7b 16 on your torment application, 18 on ours. Denied
  7. not power, ego. you have no power as a corporal
  8. people were beating eachothers ass in walmart yesterday for toilet paper
  9. Chow you were right, he thinks he is a big shot now
  10. thats barley, mine can run it fine
  11. im gonna do that everytime from now on since you've said that
  12. chow mein left me to die when we played so im glad you shot him
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