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  1. fuck sakes i die in the first clip
  2. Copa

    COVID Baby

    @DinKleberg? Update us, how're you feeling
  3. 4Th Of July Party Hard GIF by The BarkPost

    1. Dillon


      Fatass @Copa

    2. Copa


      @Dillon dont @ me im zooming in the open water

  4. Unless they have other group mates Meaning, you killed 4/5 they don't have to re-initiate. You kill 5/5 and they do
  5. holy shit you work fast
  6. this much is true, i was talking with bherky and he noticed some random accepted someone so i denied the fake recruiter accepting for the meme.
  7. Accepted for interview. Will pm TS Info
  8. Accepted, Will PM TS info
  9. In my experience, that response was pretty fast. They aren't AFK, they just don't want to deal with peoples shit all the time. They got things to do outside the APD you know, they aren't robots.
  10. are you complaining about not getting a response on a blacklist appeal for like 2 weeks? dude i was blacklisted for 9 months LMAO. Stop crying and just wait
  11. Maybe play the server you're developing for...
  12. Lmao no one said anyones playstyle was right or wrong. Talk to people other than the admin team and a "few civs and cops" before you fuck around and put shotguns at rebel only and remove lethal payouts
  13. For future reference, a "few cops and civs" don't speak for the entire community. Maybe talk to more people? Or check the suggestions page and actually read through it?
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