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Nightwatch Trade Co. [Selling Rubber Iron Diamonds Weapons etc.]


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On 31 March 2016 at 1:57 PM, bigjohn561 said:

I'll be looking for a job whenever I'm on civ. Diamonds,rubber,oil worker will the transport be provided?

Yeah, if you're doing oil for example we'll provide you with an orca pilot who can airlift you between processing and rig.

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1 hour ago, jamhead said:

Hey dude i have 30 rubber odd for sale if you would like to take it off me. offer me a price below thanks pal :)

Well at the moment we're selling for 1.3k each, so we're gonna have to buy for less than that if we are to also profit.

At the moment, I'd recommend putting it on the exchange if you want to make the most money, you'd get more through that than selling to us.

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2 hours ago, Nathand417 said:

If your business is still open I'd be very interested in purchasing 100 rubber!

We're closed at the moment but I'll PM you when we're back open.


2 hours ago, Eric916 said:

Do you guys list on exchange?

Yes, after the exchange has been added, we now list on there.

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1 hour ago, Phil. said:

It clearly doesn't....that's why they are closed with no employees. Lol

It did, selling rubber in the hundreds at a time clearly makes money. 

The reason the business is no longer active is because no one likes wasting their time collecting and processing etc. when we could all be enjoying playing the game.

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