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  1. When the dealer got 6 you should stay at 12+. It will loose you less money in the long run
  2. With the infamy "concept" you don't really have to replace anything, because you can pretty much grind up to unlimited infamy. But if something is useless they should obviously remove it.
  3. So you are saying a orca should be the same price as a loadout? That doesn't make any sense.
  4. Hey. Was wondering if it was possible to make it so you could have a infamy talent for saving loadouts etc. for rebels. Something like this: "Gear up (Clothing)" 2500 infamy Save your clothing loadout. "No risk", 10000 infamy Be able to use your debit card in the rebel shops. "Gear up (Weapon + Clothing)" 25000 infamy Have a preset loadout from rebel(Weapon, mags, first-aids, smokes and clothing). Be the quickest one in your gang to gear up! @Gen. Henry Arnold @Jesse
  5. Can you make it so medics get paid 3500 and when normal civs revive each other it cost 1750/dont get paid at all?
  6. Its currently a bug when people start capping a cartel you own. You almost never get notifications about it.
  7. 90 % of my time on asylum is playing siv.
  8. People have been doing perfectly fine on this server before the qilin/prowler came. So I think you will be fine without having doors on them.
  9. @Gen. Henry Arnold @Jesse When people alt+f4 after being killed at cartels they spawn back with gear close to the cartel. Pls fix
  10. Yea ofc I'am gonna think about it! Not everyday you see a 50 year old retard on an altis life forums. Ofc I'am not gonna waste my time trying to convince a retard about a nerf that everyone saw was necessary.
  11. Man. You call yourself PENIS PUMP BANDIT. You are 50 years old and pretty much only thing you do is playing Arma 3. I guess you get alot of girls!!!! (btw: the yearly trip you take to Thailand and fuck some girls doesn't count). Do you even have a job? You are just a unsuccessful man having nooo idea what to do with your life. So you are sitting here trying to chat shit on an altis life forum, and you are even failing on that. Grow up man
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