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Asylum Domination Update

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**Update 3/28/2021**

-Reworked point system to fix an exploit of money
Minimum points to get paid is (10) now.

-Dev's are aware of group hexe issues and are looking for solutions
(if it was easy to fix it would be fixed already)

-3/30/2021 Domination will have a different mission file to see if performance issues are still occurring


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On 3/7/2021 at 12:19 PM, Big Gay Jay said:

With a landslide of a vote Sundays are now Domination days
(Keep in mind if we see terrible attendance it will be reduce back to 3 days)
First Sunday will be 3/14/2021 at 12 PM (PST)

See down below for updated time

**Starting Immediately Sunday's will be canceled from the Domination rotation Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday are now the only days for Domination**

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