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  1. You got the wrong william
  2. Yes this is doable through sqf, please make a separate suggestion thread and we will review this as a team
  3. Would just disabled sling loading on the vehicle also chop shop time trials
  4. What if vehicle spawns at chop shop and you have to take it to the other one ? shuffle inventory that way it behaves like drug runner and you don’t have to go out to the random vehicle spawned on the map and leave your vehicle behind successful delivery gives you cash on hand just like chopping and focuses the activity over the main road Center of the map with plenty of traffic and opportunity to be stopped by another player or cops
  5. Exactly, rating is only used for titles and leadboards, and the current war rating trades involve more skill than before, people just mad they get told they suck from the war point loss in chat
  6. Its a combination of point differences, loadout prices, distance, heights, weapons, location and kill streak. It's about as great of a calculation that it can be, it is definitely a factor of skill.
  7. So just fix the game bug mr developer We'll look into it
  8. No to stoves, No to stuff done at your house
  9. Passive money making is how the rich make their money
  10. Police arrested a 41-year-old man and said the weapon was a homemade gun.
  11. Was planned at some point
  12. I agree, I had suggested it *gasp* 2 years ago seeing that hunters can be seized by the cops if they are abused anyways
  13. Gen. Henry Arnold


    We already had a casino, it was removed
  14. It was just a test for that restart, some people liked it some didn’t, it was temporary to see what fights at it were like, it’s back to normal
  15. Just arson kit their house
  16. There has already been a confirmation since 2020
  17. This - Maybe we should start looking to allow campfires being placed in cities instead, and use the same check as dropping items on roads Thinking of even having them turn into burning barrels when used inside cities
  18. Then they get removed from houses too
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