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  1. Did you know there's already a virtual item for medics that drops a flare and a helicopter drops a medical crate with a med shop that any can use? And the owner of the crate gets a commission for anything bought at it by another player This thing can be sling loaded, loaded onto vehicles etc, I don't think the current state of slinging/vehicle loading allows the taru pod to be lifted by anything but the taru/huron though
  2. We already have the scroll wheel option for getting in DLC vehicles so makes sense
  3. Just answering this #1 question: Unfortunately that full screen NVG is a specific item classname in the game, Integrated_NVG_F, it only comes in that one variant.
  4. Well now that there's a little more vehicle mod frame work, this could be a bought mod? πŸ‘€
  5. So like a "APD officer X begins to pat you down"?
  6. Congrats @MayhemπŸ₯³
  7. Sounds like a good randomly assigned or selected alternate destination to attempt to land to with extra payout
  8. If you are Donor 7+ and Asylum subbed: you can do it to someone restrained while holding a pistol using a scroll wheel action.
  9. Sounds cool, I think they block IR cameras too If its exploit proof (not blocking roads, building doors etc), I think building small things on a life server is a nice idea
  10. It’s already done and we had it before that too
  11. Some 3D marker like the tactical ping? Draw it over the location of the robbery?
  12. BTW: Rodo is currently used to increase gather rates ONLY for cocaine and opium (heroin)
  13. If both variants of qilin were used, there would be some slight changes to how its kept in garage, might make most sense as a vehicle mod add on cost
  14. That's what I wear to work
  15. I think theres a new map location command where you can add a number to the end Pyrgos [7], like a turf https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createLocation https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setText
  16. This is the most important thing this patch
  17. So maybe using the gang war menu, you could send an alliance request to another gang? And at any time the gangs can cancel it? Besides seeing hexes/green names, any other changes this would bring on?
  18. What if you can only do this with lockpicks on you? So you can break out in a fight but if the cops seize your illegal items you can't anymore.
  19. And is that the only way to trigger it? Downing and death? How do you disarm it, just walk up and restrain someone? Besides fucking over your group if you're near them, is there any other draw back to having it on? Bet your aim would be bad if you had to hold on to something with another hand
  20. This was originally an admin event only layout to get people to try out Would like to bring it back as a temporary layout (only for the duration of an admin event) What are the thoughts of in addition to rotating cap locations to include rotating layouts per restart? A big complaint I heard about this was it's as bad as wongs - any ideas to improve from that?
  21. How do you let it drive up so close?
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