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  1. Mitch has me handcuffed in the basement and won’t let me see the sky
  2. the midnight special as a image without the orca parts +1
  3. It’s on arms island so it’s KOS already, and I think it pays more than coke Free fall as in the animation you’re in high up before pulling your parachute, you can still hover over someone and jump out and detonate
  4. Heard you can't store it in your house
  5. No, its been reworked already and is intended for large groups with the largest reward of any federal event. If you haven't seen more than one in over 6 months you need to play more
  6. Cpl gets all the sgt stuff sgt gets all the lt stuff lt gets all the cpt stuff
  7. why dont I see this crying over at https://codefourgaming.com/forums/
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