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  1. This is not something we control, this is something Battleye blocks. Another user said restarting their service made it work again
  2. Are you going in with any of the gas masks?
  3. Hotfix #6: -Cruise Control added, uses same keybind as auto run (custom action 5), brake to disable. -Fixed some titles and quest rewards. -Fixed crypto prices.
  4. go try it in editor, there is no damage reduction to people
  5. But there's 7.62 AKs with 75rnd mags, and LMGs exclusive to rebels like the Mk200, LIM-85, Zafir, RPK-12 and you have your 7.62 rifles.
  6. Someone want to make a table of sorting risk vs time vs reward?
  7. Should be prevAction nextAction in Common controls
  8. In the process of a major update, send your cap/map designs in, and any last minute suggestions for the first update
  9. Thoughts on changing the caps to cartel like? They can be contested if 2+ gangs are inside, and they cap in 30 seconds (same length as the scroll wheel), and could use the new mechanic allowing a group of randoms to play and cap the cartel for the group leaders gang. Cap size would remain the 10m around the flag, same as the current distance for the scroll wheel action.
  10. Next Arma update, UFOs may get a tweak
  11. Car bombs? Now there’s going to be IEDs littering the streets
  12. Getting some cap updates coming in, will see where they fit in etc. If anyone has locations for caps, please include rebel locations, cap designs should be able to fit in any setting.
  13. Here's what is done that hopefully is live for this Saturday's Domination: Payout is per point scored, starting pot increased to 10mil, top 3 bonuses tweaked to reward top performers still. Other gangs will get more money for playing. Capture flag scroll wheel action appears anywhere within 10m of the flag, and you can capture anywhere in this 10m instead of just looking at flag. This is a change from only being able to capture while looking at the flag and within 5 meters. This allows the person capping to be useful instead of standing still. Waiting on new cap submissions, map locations etc. More updates will be coming.
  14. Looking at the most recent 8-24 domination stats, If we change to a purely payout per points scored system: 1st,2nd,3rd place will earn less, and all other gangs will earn more if they scored any points compared to the current system. This hurts the top 3 performers, while making it more fair for everyone else who is spending and playing in the event. The top gang earned 8.7mil last dom, and they would instead earn 5.2mil under this system if the starting pot stayed at 5mil. The bottom gang earned 136k last dom, and they would instead earn 1.38mil under this system if the starting pot stayed at 5mil. Increasing the starting pot to 10 mil (up by 5mil) The top gang earned 8.7mil last dom, and they would instead earn 5.55mil under this system if the starting pot increased to 10mil. The bottom gang earned 136k last dom, and they would instead earn 1.75mil under this system if the starting pot stayed at increased to 10mil. Doing the math for another method that is based on just your place on the leaderboard at the end of the event
  15. Closer caps: not a road trip simulator to get to the nearest cap for a fight, some caps are 3km+ from the rebels UI changes: Right now its a rip of Olympus HUD If you've ever played COD or Battlefield domination and seen the HUD: Better payout curve: Sort each gang at end per points score. Add all points scored in total, divide pot by total points and pay per point scored or something else Fix any bugs: there's probably bugs, I think HVT was bugged
  16. Looking to get feedback all in one place instead of searching multiple threads. Vote on what you want to see done to Domination or discuss any changes you want to see in the replies. If you want to design a new cap, you have to send me the mission.sqm file, not screenshots. If you want a modded map, link me a Steam workshop link. Going to prioritise changes by how many people vote on something and the time it may take to get it complete. I would like to get this weekend's Saturday Domination to have something new in it, even if its a small change to start with. My own ideas: •Closer caps. •Occasionally, 1 single rebel surrounded by rotating caps somewhere on a map, instead of rebel outposts on the outside and caps inside. •UI changes. Share the post around, it's a little early in the day and week to get a good amount of views.
  17. Remove all passive money making Too much money around
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