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APD Cadet Entry Video [COMPETITION] (Ends March 31st)

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APD Cadet Entry Video [COMPETITION]
ENDS: March 31st at 11:59pm PST

Hello everyone! We're looking for an updated Cadet Entry Video to give Cadets after they pass their interview. We wanted to make things fun and turn it into a friendly competition with prizes. 

Any Constable or higher will be able to produce a Cadet Entry video meant to be given to the Cadet upon passing their interview. This video is meant to briefly, within 10 minutes or so, give the Cadet an overview of the APD, the DOs and DONTs, helpful tips and tricks, and whatever else you think a Cadet could find useful if they just passed their interview and joined the APD! Be creative and have fun with it!

How to win:
-There can only be 1 winner. That's whoever produced the video. Only APD Officers Constable+ can be eligible for the reward. (Retired officers of the current rank Cpl+ can also participate) 
-A winning video will be the most creative, fun, and thought out video submitted to the Google Form below via unlisted youtube video. 
-You can use whoever you want in the video. Civilians, Medics, Cadets, Constables, APD Staff, etc. Even Captains. Just keep in mind APD Staff cant always be free so please be weary of their availability. 

-1 Year of Discord Nitro from @Rogue
-$50 Cash via Paypal, CashApp, Venmo, etc from me @Sandwich

Please keep your video around 10 minutes in duration.

Please submit your videos using this Google Form!

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