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  1. @MARCUS STANLEY xD Nice job dude. We should start playing together again. Miss you brotha.
  2. The big step is me going outside. Think harder next time fucker.
  3. If I go outside and see you wearing these I might slowly get hit by a bus.
  4. You know what. You get coal for Christmas. Butthole.
  5. Hey man. Tis the season to be jolly. Dick
  6. Hey guys, could you link your favorite Christmas songs to put everyone in the mood. Thanks.
  7. Reliance? You act like Reliance is my gang anymore. If you haven't gotten the memo were Nexus but I guess those 3 brain cells you have are failing you. I'm done talking shit to some 13 year old who still thinks Asylum is thriving and that Onyx was the best gang he's ever been in. You have a goodnight buddy.
  8. Gang didnt disband hahah. There's still 20 people in here daily. We just don't play on asylum when there is nothing to do. But nice try.
  9. You got kicked from your own gang. You used to sit in my ts and say I don't even know what tree rock is. Quit the game.
  10. Are you dumb? Reliance is the b team to my main gang. Go outside... Oh wait hows house arrest?
  11. Hey bud tell me when you don't get first rounded... Bot.
  12. how do you manage to have all that happen at once.....................
  13. @Sugarfoot
  14. @PublicEnemy ps. I love you so much and you dont suck. <3