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  1. I plan on doing the same thing man and honestly I found myself wanting to get big but not fucking huge. Here's what I used to do but am planning on doing it again in the next couple weeks. I would do Squats, bench, barbell curls and overhead press on Day A. Deadlifts, pushups, pull ups and rows on Day B. 2 A days and 2 B days a week. On your rest days just do abs. Just get your cardio from lifting heavy because that’s good for the heart too. It’s 50% working out and 50% nutrition. I’d start with doing full body workouts 4x a week and eating like a horse. Don’t eat a ton of junk, but make sure you have potatoes and eggs, protein shakes, rice, whole grains and chicken. Eat as “healthy” as you can but as much as you can. This is if your trying to get bigger. You can still do cardio but honestly with cardio I lose way to much weight. Just work on getting bigger and faster. This is just what my plan is but you can change it around if you want. I've never really had an issue running but if you do need to get faster with cardio lift a lot and run from time to time.
  2. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  3. Not Mitch. Nooooo.
  4. Steve please calm down. You fuck.
  6. Neither do I. Don't get me wrong on this i'm not trying to be a cunt or anything but the lack of communication between community and devs is one of the main issues for a long time. With such a huge issue there should be updates or things being said about such issue. That way maybe someone somewhere in the community might no some shit about it. But I do think that maybe a role back to recent patch might help it. I just dont know what the fuck was changed 1 week ago that made this issue. Even when it doesnt lag like crazy and gets stuck fighting anything causes Shotguns nonstop. I dont know man. Just wish there was more we could do to help or more we would know.
  7. Look I agree with you that people have lives and shit. The matter is that normally this shit gets fixed in 1 maybe 2 days and now something so big that is constantly happening is taking over a week to do. Don't get me wrong I have zero clue on coding or anything but I believe something needs to be done asap. It's making me not want to play and countless others. The lack of either effort or help needs to be changed. Something so big that happens every restart should of been fixed within a day, or rolled back to most recent patch or released a hot fix along the side of what they might know about it. I dont know man. I just want something done.
  8. How about you go ahead and get this server fixed. Shits been happening for over a week and nothing is getting done. As much as you might say there is, I think FORTNITE has taken over there minds.
  9. When Steve comes to a post @Steve
  10. AGREED
  11. @Sugarfoot Have you tried punching it? Or maybe shutting it on and off. I miss you.
  12. Can we get a patch to fix this lag when it comes near restart. Happens server wide. @bamf @Gnashes Don't really know what the issue is but its happened the last two days. You guys probably already know about it but if not here it is.