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  1. Hes CHEATING hahahah. I'm dead. Poor Bada
  2. @Sugarfoot The watches are clean as fuck. Its all really what you like. The two you showed me I would of bought if I had the cash.
  3. Have had one of these watches for like 2 years now and honestly wear it with everything. Probably one of the nicest watches Ive had.
  4. Toxic
  5. Wtf did I just witness.
  6. @Steve
  7. Stop now you fuck.
  8. Oh no not the dirty pussy. SHIT MAN
  9. @Buck I found you running from the crew.
  10. yeah public has the brain of a fucking squid so you should be fine. He seems to like water a lot and falls off the ship maybe 87 times a hour.
  11. @Dick Romney If we got a spot open Ill hit you up. But honestly if you watch streams before hand and learn a bit from it. Its honestly a really easy game.