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  1. I swear man shit is like pure angels in your ears. Gotta try it man.
  2. There all in the same gang. Or Career cop group. Don't even have the respect of a gang. Dumb fucking retards.
  3. I dont see why you are shit talking. Youre buddies dont know how to attack a regular fed with 20 cops on. You tell me to teach the constable when your lts and sgts cant. The fuck bud. Stfu bot
  4. We arent crying about a van driving you fucking moron. Its not hard to hit fingerless retards like you. Thats not the point of it dumb fuck.
  5. I dare your dumbass to even try to push. Youre the type of retards who push up castle hill at OG. Thats if you even fucking know what Arms Island looks like. BOT.
  6. You're retarded. Keep trying. Go fight a cartel. tells me to teach them. LMAO
  7. No gives you perks when there is not Higher ups your fighting. The fuck?
  8. It's not hard when your whole crew is the active SGTs LTS and a Captain. You guys are gonna fight some bot constables and cadets. Have fun.
  9. That's great.
  10. Hey Clint BigForehead How are you today?
  11. Or admin jailed shits lit
  12. You could literally do a quilin of meth and get more money.
  13. Thanks my man.
  14. I don't see it as hey delete the whole fucking thing but it just shouldn't be used to jump on.
  15. It falls down to just a rule of not jumping on them and getting in. Any other car you get stuck on the top and have to hold x to get off. Even the hemmit box