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  1. No you cannot its disbanded if you mean kingsmen sorry pleb not the guy to ask
  2. why does this kavala rat have a cartel house?
  3. Most people dont rely on skill rick they just hit that magic button and run up towers
  4. everyone seems to forget the ds vs envy match, upsets happen i see a lot of potential in a handful of gangs never underestimate your enemy
  5. Bump server one up from 120 to 150-160 to compensate for this change
  6. EW A LIGHTMODER, accepted @breezy Sent you Ts2 ip
  7. King's Row Requirements -Minimum 300 hours -Financially stable -Must have Discord and working mic -Some knowledge on callouts/cartels -Must Follow all Asylum Server Rules Application In Game Name: Age: How many hours do you have in Arma 3(screenshot): How much money do you have in Asylum (screenshot): Are you a member of the APD(rank): Have you been banned for Asylum? If so how long ago and what for?: Any previous gang relations: What can you bring to the Gang: Current Members: Leaders: Donald Clinton, Gagss (skid) 2nd in command: Mr.Cub Senior members: Sliick, United, Pigweed Members: EthanS, Mark Suckleburg, Miranda Cosgrove, Dylan918
  8. It's because your only at cartels and kavala ya think some rats in kavala can even afford rpgs
  9. bounty hunting at cartel 3:30
  10. @kadak back Get outtaaaa hereeee, gang names taken
  11. That is very true, we get annoyed and salty but we dont back down from a bu fight no matter how annoying, props
  12. also it its a very legal weapon, doing a illegal activity at least sdars were illegal keep in mind
  13. They removed the sdars from capping for a reason, shotguns should follow suit, we are talking a 25k loadout vs a 6k one shot gun. It is in the same boat with the sdar at least with the sdar you had to use more then 1 bullet. Also can we get our ghost hotel back :3
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