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  1. It's because your only at cartels and kavala ya think some rats in kavala can even afford rpgs
  2. bounty hunting at cartel 3:30
  3. @kadak back Get outtaaaa hereeee, gang names taken
  4. That is very true, we get annoyed and salty but we dont back down from a bu fight no matter how annoying, props
  5. also it its a very legal weapon, doing a illegal activity at least sdars were illegal keep in mind
  6. They removed the sdars from capping for a reason, shotguns should follow suit, we are talking a 25k loadout vs a 6k one shot gun. It is in the same boat with the sdar at least with the sdar you had to use more then 1 bullet. Also can we get our ghost hotel back :3
  7. it was probably just ryan, looking for a way out before bohemia actually stepped in because he knew it was finnally over
  8. some pc related skins would be nice, like a pc master race shirt, a razer hellcat, amd huron, intel ghosthawk. Just some ideas
  9. 3 crater 700m from lab up for sale Now aswell
  10. vUnited

    Gang Perks & Exp

    He's a troll on the forums just ignore him
  11. Yah idk he was selling some prime spots in kavala yesterday in-game that's all
  12. @Bag Of Funyuns has some houses you might like
  13. DP 22 3 crater + garage, perfect for setup for ingredients 700m 1 crater from meth, perfect for storing cocktails or in a risky situation to quick store
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