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  1. what did i just watch?
  2. <3 @Treeontyn this was hilarious
  3. its only £7 a month
  4. was le currently mge on smurf but deranking my main
  5. I'm looking for someone to que with on esea, ill admit I'm not the best I'm only rank d but I'm looking to get better, Anyone want to join?
  6. Nice montage, enjoyed watching this
  7. What did I just watch?
  8. Great montage, nice kills +1
  9. +1 this sounds good
  10. That's not me, and I'm not that bad haha
  11. what does this actually prove? have they been cheating on other servers?
  12. Great tage, ignore all the dogshit flaming
  13. i dont even know who you are sorry
  14. well if your going to get rid off hackers id like to see you try, because asylum has some good players so will be hard to tell but gl