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  1. nice kills enjoyed watching this
  2. best video ive seen haha
  3. Yeah you will be the new tiger now! with the pulldowns
  4. I would like to take credit I told mitch "no combat stance" in the stream, I have created a new person
  5. fireeeee, great tage
  6. nice montage! +1
  7. perhaps you just missed?
  8. yes we all know it just needs to be updated a bit, better cartel locations, old prison back, maybe add a few extra features anything that will mix things up a bit! main thing is to find more trusted members who know how to add these things as theres too many jobs for the admins
  9. asylum is decreasing in numbers rapidly, no ones going to apply just to watch asylum die
  10. admins cant do the job they have now so -1
  11. you didn't even get a kill why post a video of you driving around in an ifrit -1
  12. plz keep tanoa gone #F**Ktanoa
  13. nice tagee
  14. he wont get unbanned if he keeps spamming shit in here #unbanFarmerSteve