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  1. My Syrian teacher didn't show up to class today, did you do something to him @Tiger?
  2. Sorry, NA prime has been skipping my training course. Next time they come to class they will get the long yard stick of justice / punishment.
  3. Do I get a bonus on my next paycheck for liking?
  4. Corgi

    Prime Meme Thread

    Sorry, the Feds took your computer & your tags.
  5. The way I see it is that if someone doesn't like that we meme on our recruitment thread then they wouldn't be a good fit for the gang in the first place, making the need to clear the thread for recruitment, for us at least, not needed. There is an extent to which banter simply becomes spam where no one is laughing but the whole [Banter Welcome] thing is probably the best compromise for everyone.
  6. Corgi

    Prime Meme Thread

    That is a forged rank and you know it! You have been demoted until you can prove yourself!
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