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  1. Looking for a cocaine processing house, hit me up
  2. Shut up no one likes u stop breathing please.
  3. You can have fun sure but you'll have consequences for doing bad shit xD
  4. If there was guards added they could search them and if they have some sort of shank they will get extra time
  5. Please upgrade the prision, it's pretty easy to get out of jail just press metalplates for 5 min and you will be out. Criminal record of some sort for the cops to know that the guy has been in jail for multiple times. Gang record if affiliated with a gang I think it should be more realistic in a way so people don't do stuff and to try be kept out of prision. Prision guards, better jail breaks Trail system for prisioners again Watch towers Can't send crimnals to prision from Police HQ's only transported to the Prision Just in general a whole fix to the prision ingame. Just some of my thoughts, it would be kinda cool with some new stuff added to the Prision @Mitch (IFRIT)
  6. Ratcan i wasn't talking to you.
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