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  1. This should be pinned. Let it be known that I never kiss ass either. Hell, i'm more known for being a dick, than anything.
  2. I'll give you a hint...whomever kisses the most ass, get's the biggest pass.
  3. I've actually seen a picture of Dax...for a long time I thought he was like 40+ years old. I ended up finding how he was the complete opposite that I thought he was. Like night and day.
  4. Here is my story about the "other" Altis Life. This is a long one, so spare me your Betty Butthurt about length...something you must clearly be intimidated by Seriously, head over to the "competitors" servers. (I'm not going to name them, out of respect for the folks at Asylum). You'll be begging to come back here, and will be thankful for all of the people who try to RP and cops who have tons of restraint/professionalism...for a game (you can laugh at that statement, I know I know) I played for a few hours on one of their heavily populated servers last night, and it was a god damn warzone everywhere I went. Within the first 5 minutes (not even kidding) I was robbed at gunpoint and taken hostage. I was then put into a large transport vehicle (which was filled with meth) which lead to the cops eventually running into this vehicle. The cops simply threw on their sirens, jumped out and without even a moments noticed...all three of them opened fire on the vehicle (which was stopped the moment we saw the cops). Down myself and my abductor in the vehicle. The vehicle was then seized, I was brought straight to the HQ (without a word being said) and "processed". My processed consisted of being given a full priced ticket, or sent straight to jail by an officer who did not explain my charges, give me a chance to explain, gave zero other options, etc. (I was charged with possession of meth, even though I did not have keys to the truck...and was kidnapped) When I stated "i'm brand new to the island, I have no money" his response was to re-issue me the ticket again, while saying "if you fail to pay this ticket twice, you will be sent straight to jail". After doing 10 minutes in the slammer I got out, booked it to Athira, bought a quad and within meer seconds of that...the guy next to me started robbing the gas station. Three cop cars showed up a few moments later and just started opening fire on the gas station, lighting up anyone in the vicinity. Including myself, who was just standing there with my arms by my hips, doing nothing. Finally i'm able to get up, run away, got my quad, bought a pick axe, backpack and thought "I need to get out of this area and make easy legal money". So I booked it up to a nearby mine, and it was quiet and peaceful. Started to mine and then all of a sudden I get a message (I did not even hear this dude, or see any vehicles ANYWHERE) saying "hands up or die", before I could even react "BANG" I was dead. Respawned again, this time in Neo, to the sight of two cars flipped over, gun shots in the distance and cars flying up and down the street with cops in tow. I buy a quad with the last of my money, and go "screw it, i'll go run drugs". On my way to heroin, I get within about 200m of the red circle and notice a ton of cops were there. I sat and watched as the 5 guys they had detained magically all "dropped" dead. AKA they all disconnected. This proceeded with the cops getting in their cars and leaving the area. One of them must have saw me leaving the area, because he decided to pull me over. He throws on his lights, I keep going...like an asshole, he pit maneuvers me, I crash and die. I message him "wtf?", he replies "lolz". So be thankfully kiddies, Asylum is far better in almost every way. There will always be the occasional bad apple, but that's what the reporting system is for. USE IT! But in the end, take my advice...be thankful of the players and cops around you who try to ensure we all have an enjoyable and balanced environment to play in. -End Rant-
  5. Yeah, I saw them. I'm looking for something overly stupid if I manage to do one. Like one of these Indian "doctors".
  6. Someone used their $5 wisely on a certain website for that video...smart idea though!
  7. This is already known, you can also "#E ninja" your way into them too. You have NO other choice when trying to get cars at DMV. Why they moved the access point inside the building, rather than keeping it outside...is beyond me. They must have just been thinking" well, it'll look like we did something by moving things around!"
  8. Does membership include a free life size blow up doll of Hillary Clinton?
  9. You'll be back...they ALWAYS come back...
  10. That user picture...gangster as shit
  11. I came back recently after a long hiatus...and at first it was just to dip my toes in the water, but just like before, Asylum sucked me RIGHT back in!
  12. *LONG POST! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!* I'll give a break down of my brutally honest opinion, and this by NO means is directed towards any other officers in particular, as I've met some great people since joining the APD and some dedicated players. It also means that it's not directed towards the people who actually give up their free time, by helping the server/community grow...we all have lives outside of the game. But this is my perspective from the lens of someone who spent 5 years in the military, and 2 years as a beat cop with the Boston Police Department. I'm a 31 year old, who has been gaming since I was in diapers, literally...and I play everything under the sun. Why am I saying this? Because it's adds context to where i'm coming from with my opinions, even though it's strictly anecdotal. I will break this down into sections; training/requirements and in game/real time play. Training:Firstly, the training the APD offers have offered is mostly very lack luster, this is the average opinion from most players I encounter. It consist of "tell you obvious stuff that as an ARMA player, or white listed player in general, you should honestly already know" and then a glorified PVP match. The training sessions need to be far more developed, in depth and focus on honing players reaction skills and teamwork. Simply making call outs and following loose orders every now and then, is nothing special. In my opinion, all officers should have a mandatory training they need to attend at least once a month, to refresh their skills, go over rules of the APD guidebook and develop their communications and tactics as players. (I actually do this with friends on my private server). It's as simple as setting up 4 different training opportunities throughout the month, but as long as you attend 1 out of the 4, you're good. If you miss more than two months (consecutive) of training, you'll be demoted or kicked back down to cadet. This would enforce some amount of minimum standards for the force, beyond just being a good player, as not every player can be a good shot, but every player can learn to be good at communicating, if you can't at least do that...then the APD just isn't for you. Requirements: On most private servers, the requirements to get into their police force tends to be far tighter, and fall under a few requirements, other than your age and why you want to be a cop. I'm seeing a lot of cadets who are more than half way through their cadet week, yet barely understand the basics of ticketing, etc. Unless they have the opportunity for a mock RA (which from the feedback i'm hearing, hasn't been that great with certain players, whom i'll not name here...I.E. mock RA givers being too distracted, doing things in the background, talking on their phones, etc). There needs to be a more direct approach to how we're training cadets, we want to develop them, not just have them memorize a guidebook. Cadet week should be broken down into two time requirements, time and day. If a cadet has put in "X" amount of time and has attended at least one of the required training sessions I proposed, then they should be able to test. On the other hand, if a cadet has reached "X" amount of days as a cadet (this would be higher than the current) and has attended at least one training event (once again, par the requirements I suggested before), they're ready to test. There should be a Constable First Class, or SFC/SPC for more veteran constables, so people are easily able to point out who more seasoned officers are, as currently there is a very large amount of Constables, and with the even more lax RA that just came to light, I haven't been confident in some of the players i've played with due to their knowledge, team work and communication skills. Constable First Class cops should be the focal point for cadets to mimic, they're the ones who have play time under their belts, know their stuff and meet the more defined requirements of team play/communication and RP quality. Real Play: This section is more of an echo chamber of what I was saying earlier, that there is an adherent lack of cooperation within the force, communication and tactics. The most common thing I see is people just gearing up as fast as possible, grabbing a car and zipping to wherever the action is happening. Officers are just concentrating on small areas, rather than the island as a whole, and sticking to the familiar rather than broadening the APD's scope. (Such as this: I'm amazed how many times i'm told from players that they're surprised to see cops in Sofia, the hunting grounds, southern Altis, etc). It seems that the APD does two things, hangs out in Kavala/Georgetown and deals with the same thing everyday (you're just feeding these types of players) or just searches drug fields/randomly goes after a warrant once in a blue moon. And that's it. My dream would be that (with the right amount of total players) officers became assigned to certain areas on certain days, I.E. "Oh hey it's Tuesday, today is my Highway Patrol day" or "Oh hey it's Friday, todays my day for patrolling illegal areas and responding to 911 calls", and so on and on. We are of course far from being able to do that, but it would be ideal. It would help unify a more spread out force, with clear objectives/goals. Combined with correct training, and we could have an organized police force that could help breath a more realistic life into the server. Final Thoughts: At the end of the day it seems like the APD is short staffed, and is afraid to loose players, so they've removed many of the old requirements or goals to reach. Yet since this has happened, the quality of the APD in general has declined over time (this is a general opinion of players) and has started to be more of a means for easy cash and virtual power trips. The ideals of what a police force should be in an RP related game, seems to be falling to the wayside in favor of quantity, not quality. Something needs to change eventually, and I certainly don't have all the answers...but this is just my (long) two cents towards the situation as a whole, as a veteran ARMA player and someone who truly loves the community/game as a whole. I'm sure i'll get flack for some of this, and i'm sure there will be players who hate the APD and would rather troll this post, or the type who just complain/make fun of the fact that this post is long...but we all have opinions, I'll gladly respect yours, if you respect mine.
  13. But really, it does help that the pistol is "silent". We should at the very least get a small red dot on there, or raised sights. Maybe cops would use them more often!
  14. A lot of young people do play Arma, aka Asylum Life. Thankfully there is an "alt cop" option for them, aka Bounty Hunter, haha. But in general, I think voice does play a role for cops too...presence is important, and when you're dealing with someone who sounds like your little sister, you tend to take them far less serious in general.
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