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  1. Oh man, I can't wait. I really wonder what new things they will implement this time. Maybe another Federal type event? That would be awesome.
  2. He got bored of killing so much that he had to come up with new ways to kill. lmfao.
  3. I just want to show everybody, if they haven't heard of him before, that this is real music not some damn "gucci gang" shit. I have known this dude for about 2-3 years now. The first song I listened to was "All I have", not a lot of people know that single. Well here is some new music for those craving some.
  4. Wow, the best damn hot mic I have ever heard. #momiwantchimichangas
  5. One of the best damn moments of Altis Life that I participated in! #IWalked500Miles
  6. That is good, but his was just fucking.... MWAH!!! Perfecto! So orgasmic, it made a pornstar moan. Have you not been to Kavala?
  7. lmfao. No, the DDoS attacks was the reason why I wanted to leave the server. I didn't do them, supposedly some rich asshole was doing them. Why would I get salty and try to get perm banned from the server if I was DDoSing?
  8. Thanks to the admins for understanding my case and giving mercy and leniency, I am now back BITCHES! I was barred from this community due to my immature and premature actions due to the major DDoSing that happened to the servers earlier this year. I lost 10s upon 10s of thousands of dollars due to the DDoS attacks. I was mad about it, and yes I was salty, but now that I have heard the true story and finding out another server(That I was playing on ever since Feburary of this year), was just complete trash, I wanted to come back. And thanks to the admins they offered me 1 more chance. I thank you admins. The name is Lucky, I am 25 at this current time. I do play with my father, his name is Darksteel71 if you ever bump into him. I am married for 1 Year, 7 Months, and 2 Days of this posting. I do live in Florida but I am not originally from here. I lived in Oklahoma and moved down here to Florida when I was 13. Lived here ever since. I play video games like a perfectionist. I would be categorized as an elitist. I like to complete every little thing of every video game. Its almost like a part time job for me. I have 1625 Hours on ARMA 3 at the time of this posting. I love to role-play. If you bump into me you will see how good I role-play. Well, enough about me. Let us have a great time.
  9. Just fucking priceless. lol.
  10. The best damn post I have seen in ages. Thanks for the post bud. lol.
  11. Lucky is leaving Asylum. Why? -The servers are absolutely shit. They go down and kick off players repeatedly. They even stay offline for awhile. -The admins don't give a shit. In fact whenever I told them that players are DDoSing the servers they just laughed and mocked me. -A gang kept on trolling us after they were butt-hurt when I killed them. They wiped out my gang's houses and kept killing us. They told us to leave the server and so we did but for many other reasons. Therefore, since the admins don't give a shit and laugh at their own players when I suggested a problem as well as a gang being salty and downright think their shit doesn't stink you can kiss my RPing ass goodbye. You guys lost a good player that actually RP'd. In fact you lost a total of 3 to 6 players that actually RP'd and I will never recommend your servers. You can thank yourself for your own egotistic ass admins. And don't worry we found a damn good server where admins actually care and don't mock their own players. Good fucking bye to your potential 25 buck donation and to a good damn group of RPing players.
  12. All day today the servers were crashing. It probably isn't your fault. Try again later and if it is still the same result then an admin may need to help you. That is just my advice.
  13. Actually what people don't understand that when you drive a HEMTT you may as well be heavily armed. Many times people tried to jack my HEMTT and violated rules by doing so. You still have to drive and still process it and still you haven't profited until you go to the drug dealer or whatever sales person that you are going to and after that you still have to protect yourself because the cash is on your person and one person can ruin your hard earned money by just a simple bullet to the head. Having more money is supposed to make the game a tad bit easier on you. That is the purpose of money after all in real life. I am sorry but holy cow at how much hours I have put into the server and still got domed or a stupid glitch happened or some asshole hacker came along and wasted ALL that time and effort away. I say we should do it, but that is my opinion. Good luck trying to get that in the coke pit though. lol. P.S. 300k is down the drain if you are caught with drugs in it. So, police ain't losing on anything.
  14. Hello, the name is Outsider and some call me Lucky due to my PS4 Gamertag LuckySide792. I am a married 24 YO male. I am here to see if this community is any good. So, thank ya'll for having me.