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  1. xlOutsiderlx

    Farewell Guys & Gals! It was fun!

    This is it guys & gals. I am officially gone from Asylum. I may come back when Asylum is on Arma 4, but that is pretty much it. I started off with the gang life. Then I went to the APD. Been APD ever since. It was fun being just Constable Schrader. I guess I will never get Corporal. lol. I enjoyed the best times with @Sonya(Take that video down XD), @MoralityVII, @curley, @Jonesy, @Joe (StealthProxy), @JaxxonMurphy(Keep up the 500 Mile March!), @BadBunny, @Maaqs(Still hate that Taylor Swift Bitch and Being CompTIA is the BEST! XD), @Clint Beastwood(I will never forget that sexy ass bitch on your profile.), and most of all to the best damn partner I can ask for that surpassed me in ranks so much while I remained a constable @BlacknCrazy (aka Sergeant Nino Brown). You came from a cadet to sergeant while I was just a constable. You were the best shot the APD had. I joined a gang because of you and I enjoyed the APD with you. I hope you get to where you wanted to be. Goodbye everyone! It was a good run.
  2. xlOutsiderlx

    Great Idea

  3. xlOutsiderlx

    To Every Role-Play Scenario

    Dude, I have never laughed so fucking hard in my life. OMG, that was fucking perfect.
  4. It never fails! They always say that somebody made them do it. XD This time. It was the truth. XD
  5. xlOutsiderlx

    LUKER | Clearing SSD

    Who else thought the title meant to you by wiping a solid state drive? lmfao
  6. xlOutsiderlx

    Goodbye Asylum ;(

  7. xlOutsiderlx

    Cop Punishment Con.

    lol. Yeah, a lot of people(good people) have been leaving.... And honestly I am thinking about doing the same. The server is just not getting fun anymore. Sgt.'s, Lt.'s, and even good gang members haven't even been playing. Hell some of them are even leaving... I am just wondering if I should do the same. I want to play with my father more now, and I haven't been able to do that since I been on here. Hell, I want to play with my lil bros and lil sis and I haven't since I been here. I don't know.... The servers are just shrinking and its shrinking RAPIDLY. I am just wondering if I should dip. Admins seem to not give a shit and players here are just comparing dick sizes.
  8. xlOutsiderlx

    Cop Punishment Con.

    *sigh* Look Tom Kappa, I appreciate what you did here today. I been trying to do the same thing over and over again. But when it is reasonable role-play you guys reply with, "We are a LIGHT role-play server." Bada...… That isn't something I would be proud of man.... But lets get one thing one thing straight. I love you Kappa but the truth is, "NOBODY GIVES A FIDDLERS FUCK". I been giving suggestions, been giving ideas, players have been giving ideas. All I see is admins bitch about the suggestion and laugh at you. I have learned this shit the hard way bud. The admins just don't give a fuck dude. The admins are here on the forums for God-knows-what. And the players are here to troll and flame.... Its a high school reunion. Nobody gives a shit. Its a "who's dick is bigger contest". I have tried to pull up some good choices. We all have man.... From maps, to improvements on the APD, to new rules. The admins just don't give a shit and you shouldn't either. I am just saving your life's time dude. Thank you though.
  9. xlOutsiderlx

    This is how executions look like in kavala

    You forgot that side chat blows up with RDM accusations like the 4th of July in America. "I complied bro, I complied. You RDMing bitch." XD
  10. xlOutsiderlx

    We need a new map!

    If you seen the other comment, I 100% agree we need to fix the stability issue. However, have you fought in the jungle? That protector will do work. In fact I covered a cadet last night while he drove over the bridge to Jail during a Jail Break on a FUCKING ATV and then he downed the FSA member with a FUCKING PROTECTOR(or maybe it was a SPAR-16, but I doubt it) and then drove back as I covered him still with the guy on the back of the FUCKING ATV. You team up with cadets and the enemy will be so salty because they know they just got FUKT! lol. But still, why not? Why not train cadets on Tanoa? More officers the merrier. Cops never went to Tanoa because the gang fukt em everytime... Sounds like the APD just won't admit that they just got shitted on and complained about it and how many cops are friends with admins? Yep...
  11. xlOutsiderlx

    We need a new map!

    TONOA +1 I completely and 100% agree. Thousands of hours? How about that and over a hundred dollars donated too. 1st, they are making money because ONLY CONSTABLES+ could be on Tanoa. 2nd, its the cops fault that they didn't patrol Tanoa. 3rd, a gang won and drove out all competition and cops. POINT BLANK PERIOD.(The ran HEMTTs full of Cocaine all the time and killed anyone they found running ANYTHING.) 3rd, it was a versatile map that actually made boats USEFUL. 4th, fighting was 10 times more fun but everybody wanted to play just on Altis because not everybody could afford Apex. 5th, Georgetown is the new Kavala.... So RDM WILL BE A SHITFEST. Also Georgetown is the biggest town and what most people are familiar with. Do you know what the other town names are? 6th, admins didn't want to admit that actually a successful gang fucked up that server and owned it. Honestly, they should give that gang some benefits for OWNING that server. Also, maybe just maybe they should let cadets go on Tanoa. It was a money making machine because a gang OWNED that server. But nobody wants to admit that they got fukt. So, admins just blame MONEY MAKING!!! Yeah, no..... BTW, I have played a life server that went to Tanoa from Altis and that server not only boomed but it became successful quicker than Asylum Admins banning rdmers.
  12. That is nearly 50% of my calls. lmfao. That is true, EVERYBODY calls me to turn themselves in. Because if there is no logic in Arma why should there be any type of logic at all. XD
  13. xlOutsiderlx

    Is The APD Really Corrupted and Dumb?

    Who even are you?
  14. xlOutsiderlx

    Is The APD Really Corrupted and Dumb?

    I call it irrelevant, you call it being a retard.... Either way, no argument here. Love you @massi
  15. xlOutsiderlx

    Meet the Asylum Staff team!

    The real revolution of hip hop is coming. Just watch.