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  2. WTF is this?
  3. Try to be Lvl 50 in Halo 2 on anything with that Lvling System. HOLY SHIT!. If you see a lvl 50 then you know damn well they are the best of the fucking best. Halo 3 was way too damn easy. Valhalla.... Good memories... Good memories. I remember shitting on kids 4v1. Won the match too to my surprise. My team dipped on me. Now Halo 4 was so fucking easy. I got over 40 kills in one game with a 4v2. I was wondering where my team was and found out after the match it was just me and another guy and we were spawn killing them. lol. However; HALO 2 IS THE BEST OF THE FUCKING BEST! IT IS A LEGEND AND IS WHAT DEFINED XBOX LIVE TODAY! The only other game that competes with it is Zelda: Ocarnia of Time. That is by far the #1 game out there.
  4. Make sure to put it at 32 bit in the Parameters. Just disabling Fullscreen Optimization will not work.
  5. You are so bad Chipotle. lmfao.
  6. DON'T DO WHAT HE SAID! Why do that to the poor kid. LMFAO. @Vito Scarletta
  7. Switch your parameter from 64 bit to 32 bit. You do this from the ARMA 3 Launcher at the Parameters Menu.
  8. Its not the server dumbass. Its a Windows 10 Error. Because Microsoft can't release a solid OS. Set your Parameter from 64 bit to 32 bit at ARMA 3 Launcher
  9. Its through, not threw...
  10. It was like an actual war scene when somebody gets their head blown off.
  11. Dude..... That was dirty.
  12. ARMA 3 Physics in a nutshell. lol.
  13. PC; Civilization 5 Total War Warhammer SWTOR(Star Wars The Old Republic) PUBG Xbox One; Halo ..... Don't know much else on the Xbox One. PS4; Destiny Franchise GTA5 Many more... Just too tired to think of them all. lol. However, ARMA is a awesome game I think I am reaching my limit as well.
  15. Yes it is. How do you think people play music through their mic in game? Like the 500 mile march. Unless it is by phone, which I doubt due to the quality of the sound.