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  1. But did he run tho???
  2. Na, not quite that bad. It was not following roads just sort of a beeline or the best I could do to that. All I did was ran for a bit, stopped and rested, then repeat.
  3. Sandwich with white bread. #It'soktobewhitebread
  4. Welp, giving that I am a cop and get called every name in the book every time I am on, I don't really give two shits.
  5. My dude we have all done it, hell back when I was a BH I walked from kavala to sofia a few times a day. Sucked ass, but I did it.
  6. you just want people to run drugs or guns for you...
  7. Ain't gonna lie, if someone does all this, I would throw a pardon their way.
  8. Thanks for letting us know captain obvious. I had no idea.
  9. You know I am very mad at pornhub for having cornhub and not patatohub. I am sure @Patato would send them some very fine nudes, I for sure would live this site.
  10. He can't keep getting away with this!!!
  11. WELL MAYBE THEY DON'T DROP THE GUN BECAUSE THEY GET KIDNAPPED 15 TIMES A FUCKING WEEK? Ever think about that??? But my rule is if they attempt to rp it out, I will give up my shit, and if it is just a lot of yelling at me for my MxM then no dice.
  12. Well my man as I cop I see the same uniforms every single day, so on one hand I agree. But on the other all the updates we get nowadays are like 60% skins and 40% everything else. Plus I am not sure we have that much more we could add unless you could come up with a list of ideas, and even then all of them would be locked behind a paywall of crates.
  14. Mate ya bad and they are bad, but at least you got em.
  15. VDM and RDM are bannable for a good reason, if you do them you are a dickbag. We roleplay here as it is a roleplay community, while that may not hold a lot of weight to be honest albeit lite Rp it is still there so that you can't be up and murdered without at the very least knowing why. And as for VDM, we got guns, you should not have to run people over. While I understand that shit happens, it is a rule we must all abide by and will NOT be changing.