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  1. Trust me, they work. -The guy that rams every chicken wire fence
  2. But did he run tho???
  3. Na, not quite that bad. It was not following roads just sort of a beeline or the best I could do to that. All I did was ran for a bit, stopped and rested, then repeat.
  4. Sandwich with white bread. #It'soktobewhitebread
  5. Welp, giving that I am a cop and get called every name in the book every time I am on, I don't really give two shits.
  6. My dude we have all done it, hell back when I was a BH I walked from kavala to sofia a few times a day. Sucked ass, but I did it.
  7. you just want people to run drugs or guns for you...
  8. Ain't gonna lie, if someone does all this, I would throw a pardon their way.
  9. Thanks for letting us know captain obvious. I had no idea.
  10. You know I am very mad at pornhub for having cornhub and not patatohub. I am sure @Patato would send them some very fine nudes, I for sure would live this site.
  11. He can't keep getting away with this!!!
  12. WELL MAYBE THEY DON'T DROP THE GUN BECAUSE THEY GET KIDNAPPED 15 TIMES A FUCKING WEEK? Ever think about that??? But my rule is if they attempt to rp it out, I will give up my shit, and if it is just a lot of yelling at me for my MxM then no dice.
  13. Well my man as I cop I see the same uniforms every single day, so on one hand I agree. But on the other all the updates we get nowadays are like 60% skins and 40% everything else. Plus I am not sure we have that much more we could add unless you could come up with a list of ideas, and even then all of them would be locked behind a paywall of crates.
  15. Mate ya bad and they are bad, but at least you got em.