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  1. Well good then.
  2. Can I play for more then ten minutes on P3 without being lagged out?
  3. I have been, be a sneaky little shit. Works every time.
  5. To be honest I see nothing wrong with all this. When you are a cop on here you are held to higher standards then your normal player. Punishments should follow the same importance. Though it should be said that no matter who you are, you should always follow the rules no matter how large or small. But now that I said all that time for the funny part. I only came to this thread because I thought it was about me getting in trouble. Cop Punishment Con, heh...
  6. Last time someone called 911 on asylum they asked for a truck full of doughnuts.
  7. No one ever wants to RP anymore, does not matter the faction. Cop/rebel/randofuckinguy. That is the problem, people just like to get their panties in a twist when ever a cop does anything at all.
  8. Yeah, this seems like the kinda grey area stuff you want to STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM AS YOU CAN.
  9. Riddle me this! If I get out of the car to fast and run myself over, is it VDM???
  10. Trust me, they work. -The guy that rams every chicken wire fence
  11. But did he run tho???
  12. Na, not quite that bad. It was not following roads just sort of a beeline or the best I could do to that. All I did was ran for a bit, stopped and rested, then repeat.
  13. Sandwich with white bread. #It'soktobewhitebread
  14. Welp, giving that I am a cop and get called every name in the book every time I am on, I don't really give two shits.
  15. My dude we have all done it, hell back when I was a BH I walked from kavala to sofia a few times a day. Sucked ass, but I did it.