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  1. This don't seem bad, but the balance would be weird. Like what kind of stuff would you need to craft a crappy vest, what would you need for a good vest, and if it worth it just craft instead of buying it.
  2. Because it is fine, no matter what problems you have, the rest of us don't. Also this is a light rp community, if you want a whitelisted community then there are other ones out there. We are here to have fun and fuck around after work or school, playing with our friends or just some good old rp. These ideas to change the rules are odd and I am not sure why you would want them, rules are pretty good at the moment. And I don't think allowing combat logging under any reason is a thing we should do, it just gives more ways to break rules and have bounty hunters/APD lose the people they catch. About the loot crate keys, you do understand that keys are one of the ways the community stays alive right, we need money for severs. And last, VDM is already a huge problem, I want to see less if it, not give reason for more of it. After your past few posts to try and change the way things are around here, I am starting to think that your name fits you.
  3. Arma 3 a 60 FPS, thanks for the laugh bud.
  4. Huh, guess I see your point now
  5. While I am cool with this idea as it really makes it where cops need to roleplay to get money, I still see a load of people no longer playing on cop because of something like this. Though I wonder if a system could be put in place that rewards players that RP more.
  6. We make shit money and loadouts ain't cheap. So no.
  7. By the airfield, just look on the map.
  8. Go to the go kart track. But you will need the DLC to get rid of the shitty pop ups
  9. I think this is a a great idea, for one it would make it so that medics are not just randos that jumped in the role an are just trolls like the people you most likely died by. Maybe even a small rank system for them even, no idea how that would work but someone could work it out. Up the pay a bit and give them a light armor vest to stop pistol bangers.
  10. This is why we have admins, if someone is being a dick, report them. Admins will keep an eye on that person and so what they think is best.
  11. I don't even trust the APD with flash bangs.
  12. That is just rude sir, I mean are you saying that white is not right? Because white is right PS: Not racist
  13. Why though?
  14. Nice