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  1. STON3COLD and my Stolen Valor Protest outside Stratis PD (Constable Bama as well)
  2. Might not be much help to you but these are the things which got me to Tycoon. Excavation: Excavation isn't the most profitable thing on Altis obviously, but it's a good building block for getting some money in your bank to start venturing off into more rick v. reward things. I'd recommend looking around the map for excavation spots with the small black dots. There's a few that, while it may take a bit longer to drive there, are near 100% safe to take all the time you want to at. I wouldn't recommend the bay south of Kavala or West of Sofia, as people often keep an eye on those if they're in the area to rob. There's a good spot between Kavala and Donor Rebel which I use, it conceals your truck well and I've never seen anyone there. In addition there's a spot on the Northwest area of Altis, just north of Castle which is a good spot if you don't mind the drive. Then when selling, I'd recommend storing in bins in your house and doing it in bulk after a few trips. Don't be in Scuba gear and a box truck either, it's a dead giveaway you're toting if you're driving around like that in a city. Scotch/Coke/Meth: After you get a decent chunk of change stored away in the bank from excavating, I would venture off into one of these three, personally Scotch is my favorite because of it's relative safety since less people do it and it's out of the way (less APD). Use some of that money you got to invest in some real estate so you can do these things faster. Keep buying real estate and honing your routine and you'll be making bank in no time. All of my houses are designed for Scotch and with little to no effort (one run of 1000 Scotch a week), one Abdera house for bulk storage, two sheds for storage and discreet vehicle pulling, three houses for aging barrels. Stay out of Kavala (even Athira sometimes): Nothing good comes out of these areas, go in to do your business but keep your stay limited. Lastly, I don't want to put this in bold because I don't recommend it solely for the money, but if you meet the requirements and put the time into learning the guidebook, joining the APD can be a steady form of income as well as a great RP experience. Doing it solely for the money is only gonna disappoint you, but if you haven't considered it, it'd be wise to.
  3. No, moreso why are we copying and pasting things from the Steam Store.
  4. What
  5. Lmfaooo did the admins just delete your thread? Nothing good is going to come out of showing footage of an admin breaking rules.

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    2. jimmyyjam


      the CM's process the IA's but ive tried to contact them but they ignore me i need everyones help to expose the corrupt admins thats the only way to have anything done

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      Well you got my Support on this C:

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      I sent you a PM lets talk in there

  6. I just want a full night cycle.
  7. This is kinda random and not the right place but does anyone know what the conversion rates from prestige are at Prominent, Tycoon, etc?
  8. I already do. A unanimous vote of one for lethals.
  9. I'll pay $20 more than whatever @skeletalclown21 offers
  10. Is the one left of spirit three crates?
  11. Nope. And now going anywhere near (~10m) of fed gates pop your tires.
  12. Servers are apparently going to be updated in ~10 minutes. Got a notification in game.
  13. Had an awesome experience participating in this. Definitely one of the most memorable experiences on Asylum.
  14. @SPC Brian did an awesome job with this situation. I was eating so I was a little silent but Brian really led the role-play and honestly made one of the funniest situations I've ever seen on Asylum before.