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  1. Don't get too hyped up about it, stay realistic. Too much hype tends to lead to a let down.
  2. Please get rid of afm requirement for Tarus
  3. For some more acrobatic options, might as well add a few more jets. It's cool, and it should be expensive.
  4. In Game Name: Noble Age: 19 Arma hours: https://gyazo.com/001826358c60a2aba02efbb9f6ecdb46 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Corporal (Retired SGT) Banked Money: 300k Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Temp ban years ago for reasons I can't remember. Any previous Gangs: Resurgence, the rest too old to mention. Mic/ts: Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad? Saw your recruitment video, I'm sold.
  5. Fucking GDAX did the same thing to me
  6. Bounty hunters shouldn't have anything near cop gear, and all of your points are literally proving my point. It should be difficult to get bounties and frankly I don't think bounty hunters have much business in taking down gangs. It should be an option to make some cash off of reckless people in cities and the occasional straggler out of town but it should NOT be a whole fucking faction like it seems to be now. Bounty hunters still were effective even with stings and po7's. BH screws with both sides, not cool.
  7. Here's a suggestion: Bring back Asylum to good old cops vs. rebels. Get rid of big bounty hunter weapons (5.56 and above), get rid of skiptracer, hunters, vests, all of the master talent trees. You name it. Means more bounties for cops and more freedom for civs. Not going to bring back asylum, but at least give it a try. I'm damn sure it'll make things more fun for both sides while the servers are still kicking. My 2 cents.
  8. I worked hard to make you a CPL, don't forget that...
  9. Sad that things are coming to an end. Seems like roleplay servers in general aren't as popular.
  10. @Painbringa112 It's about damn time. Should have been an admin when the servers were still active...
  11. It's an online rank, servers numbers on dead on P2 anyway, go to another precinct
  12. They need to revert bounty hunters back to what they were before.... only stings and p07's, no vests, no skiptracer. Help bring it back to cops and robbers. It leaves more fun for cops and rebel life alike.
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