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  1. it has been pretty bad like ive been robo copped over 4k I even admit to one charge but one was an accident between me and my friend but he still wanted to give full ticket even after I explain it when I no lifed cop I rarely gave even a quarter ticket its not hard people just so money hungry they forget the point is to just make it fun not everyone plays to grind for money 90% of what I do anymore is just goofing off but its becoming more of a hassle to even attempt to rp with cops anymore. people being cadets or constables is not a good excuse to be a robo. when I first joined apd it was heavily stressed that rp was the whole reason to do cop.
  2. hmu if selling one
  3. NVM
  4. voice smooth as silk
  5. 630k
  6. this was probably one of the most random vestings i have had the pleasure of being killed by
  7. cop-someone has to throw shitty flashbangs
  8. if i wasnt at work id def be there but unfortunately money