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  1. What is rap?!
  2. Rap, more like cRap
  3. You changed your name to The Goverment of Altis. Deeeeeead giveaway. Clever strategy though, I'm sure it helped you guys win in some way!
  4. I’m good, already started out when it first came out. I think I bought about 4 bonds and sold them for 5m each back at launch. I also though I had you added already!
  5. I definitely do now that it's on mobile. I don't have the drive to have RS3 and OSRS open at the same time as well as any other game I am playing in the forefront. I'm even thinking of grabbing an iPad and having it mounted on my desk to play RuneScape on. It's not something I'd purchase an iPad for exclusively, but it's just another reason to get one.
  6. Don't get me wrong, the action bar would be pretty cool without the 0.6 second tick system. The action bar just has no place in a game like RuneScape. If they ended up "remastering" RuneScape without the 0.6 second tick system I would totally be cool with an action bar. I would pay a lot of money to play a RuneScape-like game in a WoW type format, just if it was as responsive as WoW.
  7. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a shit game. I just think development made very poor decisions. The first red flag was the removal of free trade and wilderness. Thankfully they reverted that disaster. They still need to revert Evolution of Combat. The biggest reason they're not reverting Evolution of Combat is because a large portion of the community, "over half," enjoys it and would not like to see it gone. The problem is, the people who want it gone have already either moved to OSRS or quit entirely. Not much of a fair poll. I think without Evolution of Combat in RS3, it would be a lot more popular, but for now it's one of few things holding it back right now. And don't even get me started with Treasure Hunter and MTX, lol.
  8. Days late, @Sp0on! It's the biggest battery drain I've ever seen but uses basically no data. I'm talking a few kb/hour. Now to wait for RS3's mobile which will come out after JaGex shuts all of RuneScape down.
  9. Elysian Spirit Shield is like 7 mil!
  10. I love the suggestions but I disagree with this one. If you move the spirit distillery closer to a main town, the price of scotch will go down to compensate for the lesser distance you would have to travel (I'm assuming here, I'm not a developer). I'm not sure people will like that idea very much. A solution could be to increase the seizure price of new make scotch. Another solution could be for cops to just patrol spirit distillery more. I'm in favour more of putting more activities further out to fill the emptiness on the map. I feel as though the map has a lot of empty space that can be filled.
  11. Welcome back!
  12. I like to use ShareX as it has a lot more customization. You can choose your own image host to upload your image to. I suggest checking it out!
  13. Currently, there is no way for players to check their in-game play time on Asylum.
  14. Better asked here: If you're asking if you can text someone "Hands up or die" as initiation, yes. I'm not sure what you mean by Morse code though. Do you mean using periods and dashes? e.g. .... .- -. -.. ... / ..- .--. / --- .-. / -.. .. .
  15. @Leroy Jenkins What is bad about the performance that you're noticing? I don't believe anything has changed. Make sure you're not getting confused with the M-900. The MH-9 Hummingbird is a lot more agile than the M-900.
  16. Welcome back!
  17. $1.25 million of the contributed money in the lottery winnings was mine (I put in $2.5 million). The lottery started at around $500,000 when I started putting money in. It was fun though!
  18. Great guide! I always recommend ShareX whenever Gyazo is mentioned as you can upload directly to IMGUR (or a ton of other hosts) for images and gifs. The only downside is that it's a little bit less user-friendly than Gyazo. It has a LOT of different options.
  19. Scotch is probably such a high price because of the effort it takes. Reduce effort, the price will most likely be reduced. I just go to the barley field and stock up even if I don’t need it that restart. I store it in my house.
  20. You have to tell us which event does what for us to give you criticism you silly goose! Looking good though - can't wait to see them live.