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  1. Lmao you don’t even know what your talking about you weren’t there, also it’s irrelevant to this so please if you have something to say anything then make it about asylum dying etc.
  2. Yea agreed
  3. Your a little late this happened two days ago and also I know how the apd works.
  4. I like this, I like this ALOT
  5. Yea wonder is arma 4 will bring it back
  6. I mean the moderation is a little corrupt. I was in a game the other day when one of my gang members blew up an admin and like 4 officers and god banned even though we were still initiated on them he got banned but if that happened to anyone else they wouldn’t have cared.
  7. That's true but its still dying and getting old and I've only played for about a year.
  8. I mean it is dying they got rid of server 5, 2, and soon 3.
  9. And how aren't you a Admin
  10. Ya, you an og
  11. Hmm that's sounds like something a robot would say
  12. lmao
  13. True
  14. I didn't ask for a pardon, I deserved a reduced ticket Mr. Robocop