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  1. @Norwegianviking any news on server 2? Was told that it was going to be up by now. Server 2 cops also have no access to earn any prestige from playing cop and also have no access to the precinct system either. I asked several P1 LT's if I could be temporarily precincted to 1 whilst P2 is down but they said no. So P2 cops are missing out. It would be nice to get an official announcement on what is actually going off with P2.
  2. P2 cops should be precincted to P1 in the meantime so that we can actually use the precinct system. It's not very good playing as a regular cop and not earning any prestige and I think that it's a bad idea to take a server away for gang wars that is just going to piss people off.
  3. 900k - hit me up if you want to sell it.
  4. Lol you really sold it for that?
  5. Sounds like a virtual gang bang
  6. You need to take a screenshot of the location of your house on the map and also in game screenshots aswell.
  7. Your a creaminal
  8. I haven't been able to find it lately, but then again I don't get sent to jail too much, hmmm
  9. I own the house directly outside of Kavala HQ on server 1. But it's not for sale, so unless you can offer me at least 30 million its a no go.
  10. The price just doubled because your an admin. I know you can afford it lol
  11. Congratulations guys. All very well deserved
  12. Where is the house that you are selling @TheCrestedPenguin? Can you provide us with a screenshot?
  13. I currently have a different issue with my shadow play where it will be working perfectly fine and then stop working ie the icons will disappear. You go into 'share' on geforce experience and everything is turned on, you turn it off and then back on and then its still not working. I have tried uninstalling geforce experience and my graphics card drivers but that hasn't stopped the issue from happened. Only a restart resolves the issue and if I try restarting the Nvidia services in Windows that doesn't resolve the issue either. Seems to be an issue with the latest update to my graphics card drivers/geforce experience. Unfortunately I am now having to use PlaysTV instead - it's good but I get less frame drops with using shadow play and its a more robust solution for me.
  14. Happy Birthday
  15. lol - keep going