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  1. Well said mate.
  2. I will answer this for @Gnashes. Not happening. (Even though I did love that map back in the day)
  3. Happy new year everyone!
  4. This reminds me of the current state of the British government. Anyone from the uk will know what I’m talking about lol.
  5. The new bank is different. Only delt with it a few times on cop but I would advise that we all give it a fair shot before jumping to any conclusions.
  6. See you around buddy
  7. Welcome back!
  8. Hello!
  9. Welcome to the community!
  10. Congrats on finally getting your name changed lol
  11. Thank you and happy new year everyone!
  12. Get in Kavala square then and tell the cops how you really feel lmao. Block the road and shoot the whole town up - that should get you heard
  13. It seems to me as though the server wasn’t as bad until about a week ago when they increased the player cap, then brought it down. That wouldn’t mess it up though so it must be something released in a new hotfix. I am aware of the long standing server issues but they weren’t that bad but have suddenly got worse.
  14. Did not expect this post. Have a good one buddy - sad to see you go.
  15. No action taken. Required player report post format was not used. Thank you for your report. - Matt_