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  1. Hi.

    Welcome back buddy. Good to have you around again.
  2. Welcome to the community!
  3. I will offer 100k for the house.
  4. Also the cops are supposed to be responders ie go into the danger and get killed. This is why they shouldn't necessarily be treated the same as rebels and civilians.
  5. Not really when you factor in UC loadouts and constantly being RDMed in Kavala for example. Quite often I just stick with the default loadout especially on UC.
  6. Sounds good.
  7. Lol you forum haters make me laugh ha ha. Brightens my day up reading this shit lol
  8. Lol I’ve actually got off now because I’m bored. Got better things that I should be doing irl will most likely be on later.
  9. I know they will but I want to catch criminals now lol
  10. Despite whatever their hosting location maybe, players from all over the world play on these servers, with the majority of them being from the US.
  11. It's like 12:56 PM in the UK right now lol.
  12. Lol @massi you make me laugh mate
  13. Well to be honest even if you did upload the raw file no one would know as to whether that is the original file anyway. I am not accusing you of anything, I am just stating that obvious that the speed of the recording looks manipulated.
  14. Welcome to the community - see you around mate