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  1. Thank you Dos , im just start new asylum life man ;D MOD member come back soon ..... and start Merchant of Death ;D
  2. thank you Kali so i'm remember, full capacity crystal meth sized ,all admin cops and prygos war lol so any Merchants of Death member will come back soon but , losing all house , all chopper , all trucks and lost 18M money lol
  3. oh my god ya, im created asylum times yea yea , put cigar and more Thank u Painbringa ;D
  4. so i'm old asylum player dude new comer dont know me ,
  5. hi Samperino remember me !? oh thank you yep im japanese ,
  6. hi Budbringer im back in asylum life man Sushi and pussy dude
  7. ahh i see im just re create account.
  8. greeting Asylum life all players. my name is x6BaTa9x exit to real hard work, and come back asylum life server after 4 years old , so change all system and everything.
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