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  1. Damn Gravl back at it again on his burner account! Pog
  2. o7 To the coolest old man in the community
  3. I would never dare disrespect the legend
  4. OperationSB was a living meme @Tricks
  5. What are you on about kid i was stellar before you, Toxicity is deaded!
  6. Applying for Stellar steamroller commander Or just member!
  7. I can obviously tell not a lot of people here play KOTH, so if they enjoy the thrill of not knowing if their shot is going to hit the head or just leg them, then so be it.
  8. It was fun rolling around and fucking shit up with rpgs with ya. Hope all goes well and once you get everything straight you come back to the most toxic gang in the community.
  9. Damn you ran through that gang bank money that quick @william
  10. Looks like "yes" won @Leady @Gen. Henry Arnold. Can't wait to see them added in the future.
  11. Y'all are both trash at Fifa, I'd scrap both of you.
  12. Welp I don't think excess infamy is a problem for @Crossfade anymore
  13. As far as the talents go, you forgot ranking rebel which is pretty commonly used but still doesn't match the amount needed to be a complete bounty hunter. And regarding the regear option, what if it made you pull out cash to regear and took 2 minutes? Seems pretty fair, just don't need to scroll as much.
  14. Its called having someone on overwatch, i thought a DS Guild Member would know that.
  15. Go back to the division 2 with your 100 skill power loser
  16. Lol i was trying to quote gravl, not sure what happened
  17. Says the monkey that doesnt want rangefinders
  18. Big facts, i just give up at this point because i get caught with like 100k+ bounty and get like 20-30k taken off for 10 minutes of fucking roleplaying. Im better off just getting lethaled by the cops, not hard since p3 has a limited supply of downing rounds.
  19. Best believe that little bird is getting shot out or even worse..... RPG'ed!
  20. That says a lot coming from a career cop.
  21. Fuck Huan, this is why we can't have nice things!
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