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  1. the restraints do not come off until you get out of the car, if someone leaves you in a car restrained you have to close your game
  2. Ahh yes you know everything!!! Not like im friends with Mason and it was sarcasm!!!!!
  3. Good to see youre still shit
  4. Joshhh

    COVID Baby

    Oh no.... Hes serious AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAAHH
  5. Joshhh

    COVID Baby

    Is this a meme or are you one of those retards?
  6. Mitch, developers and admins do not have the same perspective of the server as normal players, they may say they do, but they don't. Discussing changes with "a few cops and civs" then making huge changes to things that almost always leads to backlash, seems like a stupid thing to be doing, you have your new development reps or whatever it is, but we don't even know who they are, or what decisions they've inputted on, why not just copy council off olympus and have representatives of each faction that meet and theyre the ones who come up with the ideas for changes seeing as theyre the ones who play the game daily, and understand what is broken and needs to changed/be added, and actually communicate with the community prior to updates with what is planned to get feedback then, before the work is put in? But I guess that is too much work and you'd rather keep doing updates that no one is wanting or expecting.
  7. when I said a free to play game is a service I dont pay for?????? Im not gonna waste more time on you lmfao
  8. So developing a server is a service? But developing a game isnt?
  9. "They've worked long and hard to reach captain, so they're allowed to do what they want!"
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