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  1. Not how this works man
  2. You try to use the asylum forums to advertise your business, clearly not going well for you
  3. You try to make people pay you for shit like this??????????
  4. @admins can you wipe this guy? crossfade got wiped of like 20m for chopping his own orcas for infamy
  5. Mitch wouldnt bother for only 15 dollars per skin, his idea was for it be 15 dollars per person and anyone would be able to buy your gangs skin, thats why it got negative feedback
  6. They are "catering to EU times" because it won the votes? clearly the majority wanted that time, doesn't matter if its an NA server
  7. NAs crying about the time when theyve had oly conquest at a perfect time for them for years whilsts EUs had to play at 12-3am on weekdays...
  8. @HeidelbergKlaus needs to go into retirement...
  9. https://steamusercontent-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1752433209415865129/575FFB81FDE0B1EB2C575F7B58EE60AEB12D3017/ Doesnt seem like youre having fun
  10. closest garage to BM + 2 2 crates all in a compound, houses have 500 phos + 500 hydrogen in them already https://gyazo.com/beabbc91d554358731aefa695ee1c688
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