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  1. That’s awesome a rebel island rebel outpost.
  2. Allow me to authorize my own lethals only when streaming though? (Keeps me accountable :p)
  3. They are fast as shit tbh lol
  4. They are fast as shit tbh lol
  5. Phenomenal work will be streaming tomm @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  6. Addon spent like $400 I think lol!
  7. New owners and saying “kys” is ok fuck off bud
  8. I shot your orca down are you mad
  9. You’re a shit player lmao!! Hahaha
  10. They did and they complain about everything lol. Let cops have free Mx’s Again and give us our Fed and activities back plz
  11. We should add them back. Why were they ever removed?
  12. What? I don’t want to go OUTSIDE of the Fed to rpg a van that shouldn’t be necessary it makes no sense to even be a feature
  13. Not against downing. Still one shot to arm and you're downed
  14. Go right ahead no good players EVER even consider using it
  15. It is really broken especially since there are so many variables at play with where and when a van can be deployed to get them into the Fed. It ruins the meta and it is just extremely overpowered in my opinion discuss here @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood @Jesse @Destrah