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  1. Joe
  2. I'll buy it. Let me know when it's up for sale.
  3. What do each of them hold and what are you selling them for?
  4. How much are you selling it for?
  5. Pictures? How many crates does it hold? Does it have an aging barrel?
  6. I'm looking for a scotch house that is close enough to the Spirit Distillery and the ingredients needed to make scotch. Anyone selling?
  7. Thank you!
  8. You should always be recording your gameplay. If something happens, you will need video to get it taken care of. It will save you sometimes.
  9. What the hell did they do!?
  10. Do you even hear the sirens at all, or are they just really quiet? As a cop I can hear them, but they are just really quiet and sound like they are a kilometer behind my vehicle. Just wondering what it's like from a civilian's point of view.
  11. Police sirens are, in fact, bugged. They are not as loud as they should be. This is due to some BI update or bugged script. The police lights do work, though. The sirens are just way too quiet, and this is the only issue. I think @Gnashes is aware of this. It's quite annoying when trying to turn on sirens as an officer and then being told that they didn't hear the sirens. Let's hope a fix comes soon.
  12. What game is that?
  13. I hate when people do things like this. How are they supposed to expect you to put your hands up when in a boat? People think that they can just send a text to initiate with a demand + consequence and then proceed to kill without giving ample time. It's unreasonable, especially when you were on a boat. He should at least have given you enough time to comply with his demands, but you still wouldn't be able to satisfy his demands. Hopefully you were recording so you can submit a report.