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  1. M.
  2. Waiting for S4 to hit >80 players so we can see how the server reacts (desync, mass kicks, etc.).
  3. He's the owner of Swiftnode, Asylum's host.
  4. But then someone could just DDoS server #3 instead... Aren't strong filters put in on those two aforementioned servers to prevent those attacks?
  5. @bamf Just wondering - why isn't this performance patch being tested on server 4 instead, the server which I believe most likely has the most issues of all the servers?
  6. Thank you for all the work you guys are doing on performance improvements as well as the increased communication with the community. It means a lot!
  7. You need to restart your Arma client after an update.
  8. I've heard great things about you but never got to actually play with you. Thanks for all you've done for the APD. Have a good one. o7
  9. Such an easy fix...
  10. Do Cadet kills during trainings count?
  11. Looks nice.
  12. He's gone...
  13. They're doing a lot of things on the back end to try to alleviate the issue. I've been contacting Asylum's host as well as Bamf over Discord, and it is clear they're doing their best. We have to appreciate their efforts. At first I thought they did not care at all, but the issue most likely bothers them more than us. As much as we would like the issue to be gone, hopefully we all can realize it is not as easy. For example, some communities had to rewrite their entire mission file to fix the issue. The problem is indeed annoying and harmful to the community in the long run, but we just need to hold on to the rest of the hope we have.
  14. That voice killed me... LOL
  15. It's because of you, Jaxon.