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  1. What do the new uniforms look like?
  2. VAC comes with audio repeaters that are separate programs. You need to search these up on your computer. They install alongside VAC automatically. Search "MME" on your PC. You should see something like "MME Audio Repeater". Open this program three times. In the first window of MME you opened, for the top dropdown select your Speakers. For the next dropdown, select Line 1. In the second window of MME you opened, for the top dropdown select Line 1. For the next dropdown, select Line 2. In the third window of MME, for the top dropdown select your microphone input. For the next dropdown, select Line 1. After all the dropdowns have been filled and selected, click "Start" on all three audio repeaters. Now, your speakers and microphone outputs will go straight into Line 2. So, you are essentially combining the two. Note: If you cannot find Line 1 and/or 2, go to your Audio Mixer and make sure these are enabled and that Line 2 is set as your default device under "Recording" so you may use it in games and override your actual microphone. If you are using foobar2000 to play music through the microphone, make sure you select the output as Line 2. Let me know if you have any questions. I typed this on my phone and did it from memory, so some information may be off.
  3. If anything we should just have the money split between cops who are in your vicinity, not across the map. It encourages some more teamwork. Giving one person all the money shouldn't be a thing, though.
  4. "Undercover police, you're under arrest."
  5. Don't look at your phone while flying a helicopter... I'm sorry @Marco.
  6. Joe 1 Million I need to buy some houses. If you give me a small loan of a million dollars, it will help me buy those houses and hopefully be able to put me in a comfortable financial situation.
  7. Can confirm. JoMilla and the Rats/DS gang caused so much havoc. Definitely one of the best moments of my cop career. I was one of the hostages... They pounced on the APD like hyenas. It was hilarious! Some of us were crapping ourselves...
  8. My mistake. You will keep 2.5 million if you transfer 10 million prestige into cash.
  9. You'll keep 480k.
  10. When you convert it to actual cash value, then yes, you will be taxed. The tax will probably be the maximum 75%, meaning you will receive 2.5 million instead of the 10 million you had.
  11. The wiki states the following: Read all about Money & Prestige here:
  12. Yes. You will no longer have a money cap once you hit "Eminent", meaning you obtained over $10,000,000 in prestige. At this point your money cap becomes unlimited. By the way, if you have four million prestige and you convert it with the 75% penalty, you will keep three million. You don't lose three million.
  13. Wouldn't it look awkward at night?
  14. Thanks for sharing these! I've always wanted to know the one that allows you to send a text using the command. With the text one (#t), can you type a portion of their name or does it have to be their full name? You can actually cancel an animation by performing the salute animation (\) and then move. I think the sitting animation (') will also fix it.