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  1. Not Really Just wanted everyone to know I quit asylum because ppl kept msging me to get on and Now im playing GTA
  2. Already started playing with my boy negan in GrandTheftArma and managed to get into one of the best gangs
  3. Fucking hobos saying that this shit was good except it was all in kavala why dont you fight some real gangs then make a montage
  4. I Will always be the best Pistolbanger Your Shit
  5. When I started this server Id admit it was really shit rdmers everywhere but over time it got alot better and I started to realize how good it was once you start out on this server its actually fun and you have things to do and people to talk to etc.The thing that bugs me alot is that asylum really died in the old days it would be full everyone would actually rp and instead of having sdars in cartels we would have legit fights no ddosing no cheating but now its really to the point where nothing is fun anymore.When I play asylum I get the same feeling of me playing wasteland and im gonna have to say goodbye to asylum and hello to actual rp Thank you @Rapidkillz I know you dont play anymore for being a cool friend and actually talking to me when I started Thank you 007 for Being a generally nice person Thank You @Ken. for being a good cop and all the good times I called you daddy and kidnapped you Thank you @Cassandra For coping with my bullshit in kavala Thank You @Lucien For being a nice guy and dealing with my squeaky voice in thantos Thank you @3agle For Kicking me out your gang and showing me how much I hate this server Thank you @Negan For always being there for me and staying with me along the way These are just a few amazing people I met along the way playing asylum and negan was really standing out to me.Thank you to my army of kavala rats in 2016-2017 where me and negan owned kavala for helping us enjoy the server.EVERYONE HATES ME I KNOW SIDE CHAT WARRIOR ASYLUM SERVER LAG WHEN IT WAS BEFORE UPDATE
  6. Wish I could make money out of this
  7. I back you up on this ive spent around 50 dollars and gotten pure shit ive gotten 2 blues which was the helmet and and the stupid backpack you should be able to atleast get an upgrde system or upgrade chances depending on what you spend
  8. Sorry I was just triggered I was fighting dindu nuffin and they sui vested us while they were in an ifirit
  9. Its Okay If you cant hit them all you gotta do is be friendly with dundu nuffin and they will teach you how to die over and over in a cartel then come back with a sui vest and kill us BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING BOTS
  10. 10k
  11. 125k
  12. Offer me
  13. ask gang for monei or go make sum
  14. 150k daddy I kno how much u got