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  1. why is 2:03 in this lol
  2. Should’ve just sprayed him with the other scope tbh
  3. having to wait 30 minutes to take a cartel (whenever someone just capped it). Shouldn't be a timer to maximize fights
  4. yea I do not want to loose apex predator and master crusador and 500,000 honor that took 1 year to get.
  5. Ingame Name: Yojis Age: 19 Arma 3 Hours: 3800 Time On Asylum: 3700 hours Bank Balance: 4mil Current and/or Past Gangs: Mongols, gangs with friends Why Do you want to join? Want to fight with some people instead of 1 or 2 people What skills can you bring to us? cqc, ifrits, willing to spend a lot of money, I do not care about loosing things Can Anyone Vouch For you? no EU/NA? Na
  6. congrats on the new roles!
  7. Keep up the good work,
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