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  1. Dude that had me dying laughing. I couldn't even talk to the dude I was laughing so damn hard. @Christian R
  2. Previous Names: Wade Wilson Age: 24 Timezone: CST Hours(screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/KRlmGE6 What can you contribute to Velocity: Decent shot, Willingness to learn, and I like to pull lots of ifrits. Previous Gangs: Anarchy, DS, a few others that I can't remember. Why are you interested in joining Velocity: Looking for some people to get into good fights with. Anyone Who Could Vouch For You: Played with Rahim a few times but don't know if i'd call him a vouch.
  3. 3.14159 repeating ofcourse.
  4. Damn I was kicking myself for not selling my houses! GO ME!
  5. We've got our first entry! That looks like it will be hard to beat!
  6. Starting today, October 1st, 2018 until Sunday October 7th, 2018 I am holding a challenge to anyone willing to participate. The person who can drive the furthest with an active speedbomb on an offroad without blowing up will win $1 Million in game currency! An extra $500,000 in game currency will be awarded to the person with the spiciest explosion! The prize pool of $1.5 million will be paid for by myself (Wade Wilson) and Slade Wilson Anyone that is willing to contribute to the prize pool can contact myself or @Slade Wilson Rules .- Must be driving an offroad with a speedbomb attached - Cannot drive in circles. Anyone just driving around airfield, salt flats or anything like that will be disqualified. - All submissions must be through this thread with video proof.
  7. - In-Game Name: Wade Wilson - Age: 24 - Location/Timezone: CST - Hours On Arma 3 [Screenshot Required]: https://gyazo.com/c606508df2ec2b8819113a40a7c76a79 - Previous Gangs: Nights Watch -Any Current Members That Could Vouch For You?: Slade Wilson
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